Monday, April 20, 2009

Confessions of a Pepsi Addict

Hi my name is Pamela Holloway and I am a Pepsi Addict. (clapping)

I must confess that I have a serious problem...I drink. Diet Pepsi that is. I have been drinking Pepsi for as long as I can remember.

My earliest memories are of my family vacations in Utah to visit my grandparents, both sets, and there has always been Pepsi involved. There is ALWAYS Pepsi in the house of both grandparents, at every meal there was Pepsi, at every Pinochole game there was Pepsi, on every camping trip there was Pepsi. Our family LOVES Pepsi!!!! Can you tell? There was always Pepsi and ice in our homes. Most of us LOVE Pepsi on the rocks. I personally can't drink it if it isn't on the rocks, the ice waters it down so it doesn't mess up my stomach. Do you think that maybe that's a sign to give it up? I don't know, I'll have to think about that one for a bit longer.

Every babies' pacifier, binky, dummy, whatever you want to call it, was dunked into a glass of ice cold Pepsi in order for the baby to hush and take that pacey. Was that a smart move? Probably not since most of us have craved Pepsi since we could ask for it. So far FOUR generations have loved the Pepsi!! Some of us have been good and given up soda all together, others have given up caffine, others have given up the sugar. I am one that has given up the sugar. (This is NOT a picture of anyone in my family, but represents how bad we had it.)

At one point in my life I would have taken an IV drip of straight Pepsi. Now it's an occassional ice cold Diet Pepsi on the rocks (ice). At one point I would have highjacked a Pepsi truck to get my fix. Now it's just the expired cases that the stores are supposed to take off the shelves, but sell it at a reduced price one week before they expire. Great deals can be had!!! At one point I could have easily gone through three cases a day. Now it is an occassional can.

I have tried going cold turkey off of the Pepsi, but the migraines have NOT been worth it. I did go off for two years beginning with my pregnancy with Kaitlyn, but when the stress of life got to me, I went straight back to my old friend, Pepsi. What does that say about my ability to deal with stress? I guess it's a good think I'm not a 'coke' addict or an alcholic. But then again maybe that means I could step over the line really easy? No way!! I much prefer the Pepsi thank you very much.

When we were getting ready to move to Italy I was told that they didn't have Pepsi there, I thought I was going to die and have to have my parents ship a case a week in order for me to survive. Happily there was Pepsi to be had at the Commissary. I have been disappointed that Pepsi is not served in the restaraunts here, only Coke. I know that was blasphemy, but it had to be said. Any way, when we go out I usually drink water.

I realized today that I haven't had a Pepsi in about five days!!! I can't believe it. I didn't realize it until this stupid headache started and I asked Wendy to fix me a SPRITE. Wendy hasn't ever fixed me a Sprite and so when I have asked her the last time, five days ago, she fixed me a Pepsi!

I remember as a child living at Edwards AFB my mom having me fix her a Pepsi each morning before she would even get out of bed!!! I have never been that bad, but pretty darn close. Caffine isn't good for pregnant women or nursing mothers, but Mom and I both have drank the Pepsi during those times. Except of course when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn and nursing her.

Now this post isn't to make anyone feel bad or sad for me, but to make you laugh and reminds me that there are many good memories that I have of my childhood. There are many things that can trigger our memories and Pepsi is one of mine, maybe that's why there will ALWAYS be Pepsi in my home. I like to remember those good times and those good things and Pepsi helps me to do that. I have great memories of my life and I like to reminisce of those carefree days.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

22 Years and Counting!!

Happy Anniversary to US!!!

I have been married to the same WONDERFUL man for the past 22 years!!! We sat down to a wonderful dinner tonight and Wendy asked us what time we had gotten married. We were married at 11am in the Mesa Arizona Temple. And she said, "Exactly 22 years ago ya'll were getting married." It made me remember kneeling across the alter from my wonderful man and it brought tears to my eyes. I have truly been blessed with a wonderful husband. We didn't know much back then and we had NO idea what the future was going to hand to us. We have been through some wonderful times and some sorrowful times, but we have done it together. Brother Skinner, the man who officiated our wedding, told us to make it to the temple every year as close to our anniversary as possible to remind ourselves of the covenants we made to each other. Unfortunately we haven't been able to go the past three years because the Swiss Temple is too far away. I can't wait to get home to the states where it is easier to get to a temple. We have been to the Swiss Temple once since arriving here in Italy and found it amazing!!!

Dave does so much for me that I could never thank him enough. But I want everyone to know what an amazing man he is. He had no idea 22 years ago that he would have to do so much for me in order for me to just enjoy each day. Since being diagnoised with RA last year, he has had to do ALOT for me. Some days he has to even help me out of a chair!!! But he does it with a kiss and a smile. He has had to put up with my inability to do a lot of things as simple as sweep the floor, cook dinner, or even do the laundry. He helps every chance and as often as he needs to, always with a kiss and a smile.

We have had experienced a lot of sorrow throughout our marriage. We have lost babies before we could hold them, we have lost beloved parents and grandparents. We have had to experience physical hardships with my health and emotional health as well. We have stuck it out together and become stronger individually and as a couple.

We have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, Aimee and Wendy, who have become amazing women. They have pitched in in every aspect of our lives. They work, they help around the house, they help take care of Kaitlyn and me. They haven't always done it with a smile, but they are learning to do it more so now as adults with their beautiful smiles. They are amazing!!!

We have also been blessed with a wonderful little Kaitlyn. She has brought so much sunshine into our lives, especially after experiencing so much loss in the nine years it took her to get to us. She is becoming a great help to me and learning so much from her sisters. She will be an amazing woman when she finishes growing up.

I want to my family to know that I love them so much and appreciate EVERY thing they do for me. I LOVE you all very much.

Monday, April 6, 2009

To Sell or Not To Sell

I love to crochet cute baby things, dresses, booties, blankets, etc. I love to cross stitch beautiful pictures. If I don't give them away as gifts, they sit in a drawer or box and take up space. I'm wondering if people would be willing to pay for these beautiful creations. What do ya'll think? Would you pay for these beautiful creations for that special baby, or for that special someone in your life? I am considering starting my own business with a link to sell these items. What do ya'll think?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a beautiful day to get caught up!!

Today was an amazing day! It was beautiful outside, not too hot not too cold, so Dave woke up and started on the yard work. He cleaned out the flowerbed under the kitchen window, I think we are gonna try to plant tomatoes this year. He also managed to break my poor froggy!!! He trimmed the Honeysuckle bushes on the fence in front of the house. He started to cut the grass, but then got sidetracked. He went and bought me a swing so that I can enjoy the sunshine and outdoors in comfort this year instead of spending so much time inside. Isn't he just the best?!


On the 23rd of March was Aimee's BIG day....she is no longer a teenager!!!! She turned 20 years old!!! I can't believe she is that old. It has been an interesting ride the past twenty years with her. She is an amazing woman. She has been a challenge and a joy, ones I would NEVER trade for anything in the world because we have all grown to become better people. We had homemade pizza for dinner and chocolate creme pie for dessert, we even made her blow out the candles!!

Yesterday I got a wild hair and decided that since we will be getting ready to packout of here in about 8 months I needed to go through stuff and organize and clean the basement. WOW, I can't believe all the JUNK we got rid of!!! Empty boxes that have come with books, movies, presents, and art supplies in the mail that we thought, "Hey we can use that box to send gifts back to the states so we will save it." Did we send any gifts back to the states? Of course not, because we want to see everyone's faces when we give them their gifts in person. Any way, there was TONS of stuff, I think we filled up one of the HUGE trash bins at the end of the street. It still needs some work, but a little bit at a time does wonders!!

Then I organized my craft supplies so that it is easier for me to find things that I need instead of buying more. It is amazing the amount of yarn I have gotten since we moved here. I filled two RUBBERMAID boxes and two bags with the yarn. I don't think I will be buying any more for awhile. My cross stitch supplies are now in drawers that I can easily get too and know what I have. Maybe I should sell some of the projects I have finished? I used to sell them when we lived in Colorado and then the buyer got them framed themselves so that they were matched to their decor. My scrapbook supplies are a little bit more organized, but I still have a ways to go to organize them better, besides I can't get too many supplies here in Italy. I guess that's a good thing. Now where to put everything?

Now all I need to do is get about five more bookcases for all the books and DVDs we have bought in the last two years. We haven't had any satelitte, cable or AFN box to watch television so we hear about or see a preview for a movie or series and we buy it. We get hooked and then order the whole series so we can be entertained. The DVDs we have decided that it is better to have them in a storage book so that they don't take up so much space. We had two bookcases with only DVDs, two rows on each self, and we have got them down to 17, yes seventeen, storage books. We have over 300 titles. The girls and I LOVE the books so most of the bookcases are overflowing with novels, books, stories, comics and whatever we can read. Again we love the series type books so when we read the first we have to order the series. We have become the library for all of our friends! We don't mind, but we make them sign away their lives in order to take them home. Bummer huh? Oh well, I love my DVDs and books. Plus we have put a label on all of our books that say they are 'From the humbly crowded library of Pamela J Holloway.' I think it's cute any way.
While we were organizing, Kaitlyn had her friend Olivia over to play for the afternoon. Kaitlyn is such a lonely little girl because we have no American children that live close by so we have to arrange playdates for her. She usually goes to Olivia's house, but since they were getting ready to go on vacation for spring break we decided to have her come to our house. They had a great time playing with PetShops and games and watched a movie before we had to take her home. Kaitlyn is sad because Olivia will be moving away this summer.
Once we got Olivia home and picked up Aimee from work we had to go to the laundrymat to get the piles of laundry done. We put the laundry off all week because it takes so stinkin' long to do it. Now that it is getting warmer outside we can hang most everything on the line. YEAH!!
I did so much yesterday that I can't hardly move today. I laid down on my new swing outside in the fresh air, read a few pages of Janet Evanovich (one of my favorite authors), and took a nap! I think everyone tried to wake me up about four times, but I was so comfortable and it was so nice out I just ignored them.

Aimee gave me my birthday present last week...a cuckoo clock made in Germany. Isn't it beautiful? I've always wanted a cuckoo clock. My Dad's parents have one downstairs in the family room and I love it. So now I have my own and it was bought here in Italy, but made in Germany. Cool, huh?

I was able to finish the baby ensamble that Wendy wanted me to make for her future baby girl. It consists of a dress, booties, headband, blanket and 2 burp cloths.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great News

On Facebook we announced that we were expecting twins in October!!!!

Come on people, I'm 41 years old and my oldest just turned 20, my youngest will be 10 years old in July!!! I'm looney toons as it is, why would I want to add to my loonacy? Besides I had to have my tubes tied when I had Kaitlyn. We have had a miscarriage since then, just this last February, but we are okay with it. We are completely happy with our three beautiful girls. Now we are just waiting for those grandbabies!!!!