Friday, December 11, 2009


We finally made it back to Utah!! Our plan was to surprise our family by arriving a week earlier than planned, it worked!! It was the hardest secret to keep! We left Marco Polo Venizia Aeroporto on Monday, December 7 and flew into Charles-De Galle in Paris, France. We had a horrible experience in Paris's "city of love" airport, but we made it to our plane and flew into Detroit. We spent the night in Detroit and flew our of Detroit on the 8th. We landed in Salt Lake in the morning, picked up our rent-a-car (Larry, Dave's oldest brother, was so kind in arranging for us, Thank You Larry!!!), and drove in the SNOW to Layton, where we checked into our hotel. The hotel reservations were screwed up, but we managed to fix it and get into our room and the car unloaded. It was lunch time so we raced up to the Post Office on base where my Dad works and surprised him!!! We went to lunch and then headed to Mom and Daddy's, where we surprised my brother, Steve!!! My other brother, Scott, was working in Provo and after work he picked up his boys (Laura, his wife, was sick so she didn't make it) and drove up to see us. We waited in the living room for Mom to arrive from work when she called and said that she had a doctor's appointment after work, so we waited some more, then she called after the appointment and asked Daddy what he wanted for dinner because she was at the store picking up her prescriptions. Daddy told her they would figure it out when she got home.

Mom arrive home, entered the basement, took off her shoes and coat, said 'how come it's so dark down here? Honey, what's goin' on?'

Daddy said 'Nothin', just sitting in the living room.'

Mom said, 'Okay, I'll be up in a minute.'

After making a pit stop, Mom walked up the stairs saying, 'What do you want..............Oh my gosh!!!!! You're home!!!!!' With tears in her eyes she came to hug us all because after three years her girls are home!!!

Scott and his boys left to go home and the rest of us went to dinner.

Saturday is the family party to welcome us home and decorate Mom and Daddy's home for Christmas!!! Yeah!! We made it in time for the holidays!!

It is so nice to be near family again, it's as if we never left. I guess that means we are supposed to be here in Utah. It's time to swallow our stubborn pride and accept the fact that this is where we are suppose to be!!