Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Finished it - my first CAL!

I finished it!
This is my Rising Sun doily.
Thanks to Gloria and her encouragement not to give up!
And thanks for hosting this Crochet A-Long!
It was fun, especially seeing all the other pieces of art that the other participants created.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Sister Missionary Update

Well, we have another weekly report from our favorite sister missionary in Cambodia!
I love waking up on Wednesday mornings to finding a wonderful letter from Aimee.
This week is sounds like she is finally settling in and doing the work she's been called to do there among God's children!
Still no pictures from her.
I hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as we do.

Deariest Mommyz!

I'm so happy to hear you all are doing so well, even if it is freezing there, i've totally forgotten what being cold feels like hahaha. Tell Kaitlyn that boys are icky and she shouldnt let them be a distraction! (funny side story about that: we went to pick up some papers from one of the senior couples, and a cambodian guy walks in. Apperently the Cambodian guy works there with the senior couple. So Elder Curtis is like 'I would like to point out that he is single and looking for a wife." and Sister Harlen and I are like "uhhhh...well we are missionaries....." Talk about awkward right?!)
Anyway, will you guys be back in the states before me? orz i dont even know anymore. and I cant believe how fast January flew by!! Its crazy!
My vietnamese is progressing, sometimes i still forget words, but I have been able to understand more in lessons and follow along. :) i just need to open my mouth more and not be embarassed.

Okay so now for exciting news:
Sister Harlen have been teaching two older women, Bat Út and Co Hai. They are such sweet old ladies. I love them so much. We have taught most of the first lesson, but then on sunday the elders had a baptism and we thought 'hey, lets teach them about baptism this week!' so we taught them about it ! it was so exciting! I heard Sister Harlen give the baptism commitment and while she was saying it i was thinking 'please please please let them accept!!'and my heart was pounding so fast! they accepted with eagerness! thier date is set for 6 march, but we think if we can meet them more often then they can be baptized sooner.

Speaking of baptism... on sunday we had the baptism after church. and i was so disappointed with the irreverance. it made me think about italy and how disappointed dad was with how they would turn it into like a party. but its not a party, its a sacred ordience. How do you teach and stress the importance of that?

So another miracle for this week. We have been teaching Co Tha for about 2 months. shes 42....ish..and her and her husband make these beautiful baskets to sell for money. anyway Chu Hai, Co Tha's husband, hasnt been interested, but we have commited him to read the Book of Mormon to his wife since she cant read. Usually he doesnt sit or participate when we teach, but the past two times he has! and yesterday we asked if they had read the Book of Mormon and where, and they are already in 2 Nephi 32! they are past me already!! XD I asked how he felt as he read and he gave the most unexpected but the best answer ever!! He said that he knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God! but he is scared because it talks about perfect people...we explained that none of us are perfect all he has to do is try and turn his life around. Next lesson we are gonna teach about the Atonement and the life of Jesus Christ.

Wow I'm so happy to have witnessed these things. We also are working on strengthening the branches. they have a lot of progressing to do, but i know this year i really want to help them progress and become better members! if we can do that, and help them feel the spirit more in meetings, then i'm positive we can get our investigators to come and stay at church. :)

Well I'd better get going, we have to hit the market next and buy food....ah! last week it didnt seem like we bought much, but somehow we had a ton of food! XD hahah i was like 'someone must be praying that we dont starve.'

I love you all very much! *Loveslovesloves*
Sister Holloway

Monday, January 24, 2011

Godiva Chocolates?

So after a pretty emotionally stressful couple of weeks we got out of the house on Saturday.
We drove into Lueven to the market and to do some overdue shopping.
I have been crocheting away and ran out of a particular color thread, so we went to a wonderful shop, Twolwinkeltje.
This shop is tiny, but they carry TONS of the things that I need...thread, floss, fabric, hooks, needles, kits, and patterns.
Of course, the patterns are in Dutch!
But that's okay because I had to find some thread so I could finish a project I'm working on.
The prices are a bit more than what I want to pay, but when I'm in a bind I know where I can go!
Once we got done there, we went to lunch at McDonald's.
I have to say that I do NOT like McDonald's in the states, I don't know why, I just don't.
Any way, I LOVE McDonald's in Europe!!
After looking around the market, we were walking to our car and stumbled upon the Godiva Chocolate shop!
I have heard that Godiva Chocolates are THE BEST chocolates.
I've heard the same about Swiss chocolates, but when we lived in Italy, I wasn't impressed.
I liked chocolate before moving to Europe, but while living in Italy I found that European chocolate was way to bitter for my tastes, so I quit eating it.
We moved back to the states for a short time and I still couldn't eat my favorite chocolate, Peanut M&Ms!
We move here to Belgium, and once again we hear that Belgian chocolate is the best!
I seriously have my doubts, but I'll give it the good ol' college try.
We walked into the Godiva shop and were amazed about how pretty everything looked.
We decided to get a little sample box.
The man that helped us was so kind.
He put on a WHITE knit glove to put our selections into the box.
Then he proceeded to treat the box as if it were made of gold, wrapped it all pretty, and wished us a good day.
Kaitlyn wanted the ribbon to wear in her hair.
So we let her have it.

Don't those look to good to eat?

Okay, so the first layer of chocolates were so good they didn't last the day!!

We discovered that we do like Godiva Chocolates!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cross Stitch Progress

Here is the progress I've made this last week on this piece.
I've got all the stitchin' done, now I'm just adding in the details.
This panel is called "Hangin' the Quilts."
This one makes me really want to start piece quilting, but I don't know if I really have the patience to do it.
I'll be so glad when this set is done!
I finally found the center panel for this Collector's Series "Amid Amish Life."
It's from a cross stitch magazine that I used to get, but I don't remember the name of it.
Any way this panel is called "Visiting the Neighbors."

Chicken Taco Soup

Many of my Facebook friends have asked for my Chicken Taco Soup, I've renamed it.
It's now called...
Chicken Fajita Soup
1 package Chicken Tenderloins
1 Bell Pepper, diced
1 large onion, diced
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch, unmixed
1 package Taco Seasoning, unmixed
1 can Rotel Tomatoes
1 can Mexican Style Diced Tomatoes
1 can Diced Green Chilis
1 can Pinto Bean
1 can Dark Red Kidney Beans
1 can corn
2 1/2 cups water
Thaw Chicken Tenderloins.
Cook Tenderloins in Picante Olive Oil in frying pan, you can add Cilantro or Crushed Red Peppers, depending on how hot you want it.
In a large pot add all the ingredients and the cooked chicken, let simmer for 1 hour.
While the soup is simmering, slice into thin strips the corn tortillas and fry them in about an inch of vegetable oil until crispy.
Once the soup is done you can serve it topped with shredded cheese, sliced green onions, sour cream, olives, or the tortilla strips.
Or you can use all the toppings!
Taco Soup is made the same way, except with 2 pounds of hamburger.
We have decided that we LOVE these two soups and we serve it at least once every two weeks.
I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sister Missionary Update

So here is our weekly update from our favorite sister missionary.
I know that she writes to others in the family, but this is what she sends to me, so if there is anything anyone wants to share with us from her just let me know.
We really miss our girls, but are glad that they both are doing what they feel the Lord wants them to be doing.
We all have to follow the path that we feel the Lord has laid out for us.

Sorry i dont have a lot of time to write today. we have to go to the hospital because sister harlen has an ingrown toe nail...and the hospital is pretty much the only place that's safe enough to go to for something this small. XD but i'm printing out all the emails for this week so i can read them. :)

so things are going alot better. i'm sure now the inital shock has worn off and now i'm getting more focused on the work.
yesterday in district meeting, elder ly had us write down something we could be more diligent in doing, and i decided that this week i would be more diligent in focusing my thoughts on the work...sometimes i get hung up on thinking about what i'm going to do after my mission and i know i shouldnt be thinking that right now. ^_^' oops.

so i told sister harlen about the missionary plan of action we used in Aviano, and this next fast sunday we are going to do that fast, but until then we are praying every night for new investigators.
sometimes sister harlen worries that we arent doing enough because the elders are having tons of investigators, but i keep telling her that numbers dont matter, and i shoot i forget the ish...i think... any way its about how the Lord gives us success. The Lord blesses us with success in his own time, so for now we can just work as hard as we can and eventually it will pay off.

i hope this week isnt so boring for you! :) it makes me happy that kaitlyn wants to go on a mission too! yay! :3 i miss you all so much! and I love you all! give everyone a huge hug and kiss for me!!
Sister Holloway

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crochet and Cross Stitch Progress

The Rising Sun Doily is coming along great!
I look forward to each posting from my crochet along leader, Gloria, to see if we are adding more rows to this beautiful doily.
I could work ahead and get it all done in a matter of a couple of days, but it's been fun to work along with others in the group.
I might just join another crochet along when I find one.

And my cross stitch project is coming along as well.
I'm almost ready to put the detail in.
I'll actually probably work on this today while working on getting the laundry done.
I have to work on this one during daylight hours because my eyes have been giving me so many problems and I've been fighting migraines for the last two weeks.
All the lightbulbs in my house have decided to blowout at an incredible rate!
Before much longer we will be doing everything by candlelight!
Just kidding!

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Doily EVERY and A Crochet Along

My first completed doily EVER! It took me two days to complete. The pattern is called Blue Pineapples.

For my very first Crochet Along I chose to use some pretty 100% cotton Perle 8 mauve varigated thread made in Italy, that I bought in Italy while we lived there. I'm using a size 9 steel crochet hook.

The pattern is called The Rising Sun. The group I'm crochet with is found here, Here is the first four rows of the doily. I think this will be fun to do.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crochet Along, Cross Stitch Progress and Kaitlyn

Please forgive my yammering on today. I'm feeling a bit chatty! I know surprise, right? I'm kinda shy until I get to know people and then ya can't shut me up!!
Kaitlyn is so dang cute!!! I love this little girl!!! She's not such a "little" girl any more though. Each morning it's the same thing...get up, get dressed, brush her teeth (when she's done she bangs the heck out of it on the edge of the sink), come downstairs, sit on the couch and try to decide for 15 minutes what to have for breakfast. Once she's had her breakfast, brushed her hair, and maybe watched an episode of her favorite show on youtube, she gets up announces to the room that she must use the bathroom!! She bundles up in one of her sisters' hand-me-down coats, and hauls her 12-ton backpack onto the back of the couch and then struggles to get it on her back. Every day, all the way to the bus stop, she tells me jokes (that I don't get), her dreams, her day at school, her fears, her wishes, and how much she loves her family. I love this girl so much, and each day as she steps on that bus to head off to another day of learning I think, ah peace and quiet. That lasts long enough for me to walk to the corner where I turn toward the bus as it drives away and blow a kiss and wave good-bye to my sweet little girl and think, I hope she has a good day and I sure miss her.

I've decided that this is the year, a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION, that I am going to finish all those projects that I've started over the years. I'm tired of the unfinished things in my baskets and craft drawers. I have a TON that are done, but haven't framed them or done anything with them. I think I might start having giveaways here on my blog just to get rid of some of them. I'm really starting to want to quilt too and I have some cross stitch projects that would look REALLY cute in a quilt, or two.

I began this project probably two years ago when we were living in Italy. It's a three panel series from a magazine (I don't remember which one) and I've completed the center panel (if I could just find it).

Monday when I pulled this project back out of the basket I noticed that I'm nearly done! So I decided to stitch of a couple of days and see what I could get done.

At the end of my cross stitching session on Wednesday afternoon I had completed quite a bit of it.

I get bored easily. So after cross stitching for a couple of hours I switch to crocheting.

I've made some new friends in "blogsville," crocheting friends. And some of them do Crochet Alongs, where everyone crochets the same pattern and post pictures and their progress. Well, this blog, , is doing a doily, The Rising Sun. And I think I might try to do a Crochet Along.

I've never made a doily before, so yesterday I thought I would see if it would be possible to make one. I found a pattern in my stash to try, Blue Pineapples, is the one I chose to try. It looks simple enough. I began crocheting at about 2pm with a varigated blue and a number 7 steel crochet hook. I got pretty far and realized that I CAN do this!

I think it's gonna turn out kinda pretty. Kaitlyn announced to me this morning before leaving for school that she wants me to make her some doilies for her bedroom. Quess I know what I'll be crocheting for awhile. ;0)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letter from our Sister Missionary!!

No pictures from Aimee this week, so here are a couple that I pulled off the internet. If you can write to Aimee and give her words of encouragement I'm sure she would love to hear from her family and friends. The dearelder reference is to a website that we use to send her carepackages filled with goodies! So if you have a missionary out there serving the Lord and you want to send a care package, or even a letter, without having to put it together yourself give this company a try. They are awesome! We've used it a couple of times and have been very impressed with them.

snail mail address:
Sister Aimee Holloway
Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150
must be single sheet, 20# paper, folded in thirds taped at the top, NO ENVELOPES
also email:

Mommyz! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

i'm sorry you're sick! maybe by now you've gotten better i hope! take lots of pics so you can send them to me!!
(oh btw DearElder works here, but it takes like 10 days to get here..just FYI)

orz i hope that last email didn't freak you guys out so much...also i hope that i didnt come off as a complainer...orz i'm actually begining to get use to things here.
okay so this last week was kinda stressful. I'm so thankful for sister harlen! (not that i wasnt before) but after this last week i'm glad we are able to laugh together. We had a 3 day compantion transfer. sister harlen had to go to the mission home for leadership training so her old compainion, sister vo, and i were comps. sister vo is vietamese and she grew up here in phom penh. she speaks really fast vietnamese, cambodian, and english, so she's pretty much un-understandable in three languages. ;) her personality came off as agressive and for the first time in 4 months i cried. *eye roll* it was so hard to teach with her, but i guess from that hard experience i learned that Heavenly Father truely doesnt give us anything we cant handle. :) but i was feeling really unhappy and not like my usual happy self, so i asked for a priesthood blessing and after that i have been so much better! i'm so thankful that the elders are worthy and willing to help. :)

so our teaching appointments have fallen through again. but yesterday we traveled by..a la mot? mont? its like a...oh how do i describe this?? its like a row boat with wooden planks set across for seating. its pulled by a moto bike. sometimes they are covered but the one we were on yesterday wasnt. so we traveled for 45 mins to get to Co My Chau's house to teach her three daughters: Em Hang, Em Tieng, and Em Ngung (i think thats how you spell them ^^') we taught the first lesson about God is our Heavenly Father and about prayer. They seemed really receptive! but pres smedley might not want us to teach them anymore because they are so far away :(
ugh! we had this awesome family! Co Hong and Em Bao! they were so awesome and i always had a good feeling about them...but then anh ca ly and anh ca thanh decided to take them back!! orz! so we dont really have any investigators right now. :(

so awesome miracle for this week.... we had a mouse in our house...which freaked me out of course. so we put down some sticky mouse traps and hoped...two days went by and during companion prayer i was just like 'heavenly father, please help us to catch the mouse..' and guess what? the next day the mouse was caught! yay! Tender mercy!

so funny things for this week:
1. i ran over somebody's foot by accident...orz i feel so bad...but it was so funny? *has a sick sense of humor apperantly...
2. so when we were teaching about enduring to the end (kien tri den cung) i accidentally said 'Kien tri den khung' which translates to endure until we are crazy XDD

so overall i guess this week my testimony has grown about the priesthood and about blessings. i'm so grateful that Heavenly Father cares enough about His children that He would allow men on earth to have a portion of His power to help others.
Every day i ask myself, 'why am i doing this?' and always the answer is 'because i love Jesus Christ' Every day i study the Book of Mormon, and my love for it grows. it's like i'm getting more indepth when i read it, and i am able to apply it to me...and soon the investigators, as soon as i can. ^^
I know this gospel is true and i know the Lord blesses us when we follow his commandments.

I loves you all!!
Chi Ca Holloway

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Wow, another year older. Definately another year wiser!
Happy Birthday, to my wonderful husband!

He is so amazing!
He was born the youngest boy of a family of six boys and one girl.
He was raised in a humble family with righteous parents, and siblings that all love him.

His father, Harry, set a wonderful example of how to be a good father, a wonderful husband, and a good provider.
His mother, Renee, raised him to be faithful, caring, and creative.
(brother Lawrence)
(brother, Mike)

(brother, Bert)
(brother, Brent)

(brother, Rod)

His brothers all taught him how to be adventurous, courageous, and a little naughty.

(little sister, Yvonne)

His little sister taught him to be gentle and loving.

Each of the people in his family taught him something wonderful and I am so grateful for them.

I am especially grateful to his parents, for whom I am eternally thankful for letting me be a part of their lives as well as the wife to their baby boy.

Dave has taught me so much about so many things!
He has taught me to be forgiving, especially of myself.

He's taught me to be more loving.

He's taught me to be faithful, even when questioning.

He's taught me how to be a missionary, especially when I am scared.

He's taught me to love the outdoors, even when I'd rather be inside.

He's taught me to fish, even though he has to bait my hooks.

He has loved me during times of health and in times of serious illness.

He has taught me that it's okay to cry when I'm sad, laugh when I'm happy, and serious when need be.

I really have no idea where I would be if he wasn't part of my life.

He has given me three beautiful girls to raise in this life, and two more beautiful children to raise in the next.

He has given me wonderful adventures all over the world.

He shares his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me all the time.

He shares his love of the Scriptures every day.

He is a righteous Priesthood holder who we can count on at all times for blessings we may need.

I hope I have been able to give him just as much as he has given me.


I have to give a special thank you to brother, Brent, for the pictures which he posted on Facebook of the family when they were all younger. Thanks big brother!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Fire, A Meltdown, and A Needle

Monday was kind of a scarey day. We had a bus fire right around the corner from our home!! Kaitlyn had been home all of about 15 minutes when I noticed a stranger man standing in the driveway across the street. I watched him for about 15 minutes to see what he was looking at, I thought he was watching us in the living room window! So I went to the other living room window and noticed HUGE black smoke billowing into the air. At first I thought maybe the corner neighbor's yard was on fire, but it was actually a CITY BUS! The flames were huge!! Thank goodness everyone that was on the bus made it out safely.

Of course, I missed getting pictures of that, but I did get a few of the smoke. There were a total of six fire trucks, two police cars, and one ambulance on the scene. The entire village of Vossem must of brought their children to watch the fire and the firemen at work. I think it was the most excitement they had had in 50 years!!!

If you look really close in the middle window there is a little boy watching the scene below of the fire and the firemen do their thing! He sat in that window the entire time watching. His brother, Mom and Dad joined him throughout the ordeal.

The flames were so hot that they melted the rolling blinds on the window of the apartment across the street. The next morning when we went to the bus stop for Kaitlyn to catch the school bus we saw more heat damage to the covered bus stop, the speed monitoring sign, and of course the black scorch marks on the sidewalk and street.

Tuesday was our meltdown night. Kaitlyn came home upset because she had gotten a "D" on a math assignment! We proceeded to work for THREE HOURS on her math assignment, 8 of 32 problems!! She was so upset because she wasn't getting it and I had to sit down with her and RETEACH her how to do the division problems. Sometimes I wonder how much teaching the teachers actually do. Any way, I know there are good teachers out there, but why does it seem that Kaitlyn has had the WORST teachers in the system? It is so frustrating. At 730 we finally said enough and told her that I would write a note to the teacher explaining that the assignment didn't get done and why. She still had other assignments she needed to complete. Wednesday morning arrived and as we were walking to the bus Kaitlyn burst into tears and couldn't stop crying! We decided she needed a mental health day and she stayed home with me and we worked on her math assignment and studied for her math test which was going to be on Thursday.

Each day this week I have been working on my Teddy Bear Cross Stitch Magnets. I have the set almost complete! They are so darn cute!! We also got the rest of our Christmas presents that hadn't arrived in the mail before Christmas break. A new dress for me, two seasons of The Pretender, one season of Happy Days, one season of Little House on the Prairie, and a Tinkerbell movie. I think we have received everything now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Email from Cambodia

Okay, the best way to wake up in the middle of the week is to an email from our favorite Sister Missionary!! She is obviously doing well dispite the anxiety, but she'll get over that. I've included some pictures of her time at the MTC. I hope y'all enjoy. Please forgive her spelling and lack of proper punctuation, remember she is learning and speaking in a foreign language. ;0)

hey mommy!
good news i can take as long as i want to email!

Okay so Cambodia is not at all what i expected it to be! orz its so hot! we are constantly sweating! okay so pretty much everything here is dirty and gross. there is trash everywhere and i'm in constant fear for my health... everyone says they love this country, but i guess i havent found that love yet. i pray everyday that i will though and that the worry and anxiety will go away. the only time i dont feel worried or afraid is when we are teaching or at home or at church.
so my new companion is sister harlen. she is from mapleton, UT and is an amazing missionary! we get along very well and she is helping me so much and encouraging me to teach alot.
there are only 7 viet speaking elders here.
Elder Ly is from vietnam. he is so funny! i cant understand him yet, but he is always smiling!
Elder Sing is from australia. hes 25ish and his accent is awesome! hes the Zone Leader so he has to call us every night to make sure we got in okay.
Elder Frank, Elder Wright, and Elder Sanford are all from northern utah. they have been here for like 6 months. so i'll most likely be going home with them.
Elder Suku (i think i spelled that right) is half south american. Orz i cant wait to get to know them better. its hard being the noob. *headdesk*
Elder Humphreys is doing well too. he's serving with the Zone leader.
*glances at her hands* great i have 2 mosquito bites already...i probably have malaria now....
orz no they said we dont need malaria pills here in the city. so i hope they are right...anyhooo....
we leave in a 4 story house. the bottom floor has the kitchen and a bathroom and a large living area. its all marble and tile in our house. we occupy the 3rd floor. the 2nd floor just has 2 small rooms and a bathroom. the 3rd floor where we sleep has a large bedroom an open area for our washer (which is tiny like the one in italy) and a bathroom...ah the bathrooms here are bizzare! there are no tubs! we stand between the sink and the toilet and there is a hose where the water comes out and we wash in that. O_o
we dont have blankets we just sleep under 1 sheet. we have an air conditioner in our room too. and we each have a desk to study at.

the vietnamese people we have met at taught so far are so amazing! i just love Chi Thúy! she is a member who comes and helps us teach. she's so happy and just so adorable!
Em Anh is also a member. shes 21 and hopes to go on a mission soon. if she does we hope to be companions! :3 shes so adorable!
Em My Hoa is 21 also, her mother Co Kim is the Relief Society president. they were the very first ones i met. It scared me so much because they live in a tiny tiny shack. and i wasnt use to how cambodia is. so i was sitting there freaking out about the cats and germs running around...but now i think i'll be okay when i go over there because i've gotten to know them some and like it doesnt matter how these people live, because God loves them anyway. its not like i was judging them or anything, but there is just no reason for me to be afraid. Heavenly Father didn't send me here to get sick, He sent me here to share the gospel with these people. *determined face*
Co Cuc was recently baptised so we have been teaching her the review lessons. its been awesome to talk with her...even though i couldnt understand her..yet.
we lost an investigator this week too.
Co Lang...she claims she is too busy and cant take time to learn. it was kind of a culture shock to be sitting there on the floor with her while shes feeding her baby...not that its nothing i havent seen before but you just learn to ignore it and go on. her husband seemed interested when we were teaching, but he was the one that told us that they were too busy to study.
Co Tha lives at the very top of a building with her husband. they make baskets to sell for money. she doesnt know how to read, so we commited her husband to read to her the Book of Mormon. I hope he does so that she can learn to.
oh the Elders refered us to a woman and her son! Co Hong (pronounced 'Go Home) and Em Bao (Eh-m Bow)". Co Hong cant read, and Em Bao is 16. there is another younger lady in the house, i'm not sure of her name, but she had twins that were so cute! they cried when they saw us..oh well..but anyway, they came to the FHE activity on monday and the elders took us to her house to meet and begin teaching her. we taught them to pray, and we even had Em Bao pray afterward. I had such a good feeling after the lesson, i hope they keep thier commitments and become baptised!
so everyone has been saying how clearly i speak. and like they can all understand me when i talk. now if i could just understand them. ^-^' they have all said that i speak better than sister harlen when she first came. XD ha ha ha...ah well..
so yeah i have some more emails for you to forward this to they are just my elders from the MTC. just kinda let them know how i'm doing...they probably cant email you back, but i just want to stay in contact with them all. :)

okay i hope these are all right XD if not let me know ^-^and please just especially let elder lam and elder hammond know how i'm doing. i miss them all so much!

okay well i'm going to go now. i'm going to double check on who i can for sure write and then i'll let you know.
so yeah, i love you all and i miss you all so much!! (ps i had a dream wendy was dating brad peterson!...tell wendy to email me! i can email family for sure so i will email gma and gmpa too next week!)
so i love you all! give each other a hug and a kiss for me!!
Sister Holloway