Monday, January 24, 2011

Godiva Chocolates?

So after a pretty emotionally stressful couple of weeks we got out of the house on Saturday.
We drove into Lueven to the market and to do some overdue shopping.
I have been crocheting away and ran out of a particular color thread, so we went to a wonderful shop, Twolwinkeltje.
This shop is tiny, but they carry TONS of the things that I need...thread, floss, fabric, hooks, needles, kits, and patterns.
Of course, the patterns are in Dutch!
But that's okay because I had to find some thread so I could finish a project I'm working on.
The prices are a bit more than what I want to pay, but when I'm in a bind I know where I can go!
Once we got done there, we went to lunch at McDonald's.
I have to say that I do NOT like McDonald's in the states, I don't know why, I just don't.
Any way, I LOVE McDonald's in Europe!!
After looking around the market, we were walking to our car and stumbled upon the Godiva Chocolate shop!
I have heard that Godiva Chocolates are THE BEST chocolates.
I've heard the same about Swiss chocolates, but when we lived in Italy, I wasn't impressed.
I liked chocolate before moving to Europe, but while living in Italy I found that European chocolate was way to bitter for my tastes, so I quit eating it.
We moved back to the states for a short time and I still couldn't eat my favorite chocolate, Peanut M&Ms!
We move here to Belgium, and once again we hear that Belgian chocolate is the best!
I seriously have my doubts, but I'll give it the good ol' college try.
We walked into the Godiva shop and were amazed about how pretty everything looked.
We decided to get a little sample box.
The man that helped us was so kind.
He put on a WHITE knit glove to put our selections into the box.
Then he proceeded to treat the box as if it were made of gold, wrapped it all pretty, and wished us a good day.
Kaitlyn wanted the ribbon to wear in her hair.
So we let her have it.

Don't those look to good to eat?

Okay, so the first layer of chocolates were so good they didn't last the day!!

We discovered that we do like Godiva Chocolates!

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Kari said...

I love European chocolates!!! Some are "more better" than others, I will agree. I've never been a fan of Godiva chocolate chips, but I think I would like those truffels you got!! Eat one for me....if it's not too late.... :)