Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letter from our Sister Missionary!!

No pictures from Aimee this week, so here are a couple that I pulled off the internet. If you can write to Aimee and give her words of encouragement I'm sure she would love to hear from her family and friends. The dearelder reference is to a website that we use to send her carepackages filled with goodies! So if you have a missionary out there serving the Lord and you want to send a care package, or even a letter, without having to put it together yourself give this company a try. They are awesome! We've used it a couple of times and have been very impressed with them.

snail mail address:
Sister Aimee Holloway
Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150
must be single sheet, 20# paper, folded in thirds taped at the top, NO ENVELOPES
also email:

Mommyz! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

i'm sorry you're sick! maybe by now you've gotten better i hope! take lots of pics so you can send them to me!!
(oh btw DearElder works here, but it takes like 10 days to get here..just FYI)

orz i hope that last email didn't freak you guys out so much...also i hope that i didnt come off as a complainer...orz i'm actually begining to get use to things here.
okay so this last week was kinda stressful. I'm so thankful for sister harlen! (not that i wasnt before) but after this last week i'm glad we are able to laugh together. We had a 3 day compantion transfer. sister harlen had to go to the mission home for leadership training so her old compainion, sister vo, and i were comps. sister vo is vietamese and she grew up here in phom penh. she speaks really fast vietnamese, cambodian, and english, so she's pretty much un-understandable in three languages. ;) her personality came off as agressive and for the first time in 4 months i cried. *eye roll* it was so hard to teach with her, but i guess from that hard experience i learned that Heavenly Father truely doesnt give us anything we cant handle. :) but i was feeling really unhappy and not like my usual happy self, so i asked for a priesthood blessing and after that i have been so much better! i'm so thankful that the elders are worthy and willing to help. :)

so our teaching appointments have fallen through again. but yesterday we traveled by..a la mot? mont? its like a...oh how do i describe this?? its like a row boat with wooden planks set across for seating. its pulled by a moto bike. sometimes they are covered but the one we were on yesterday wasnt. so we traveled for 45 mins to get to Co My Chau's house to teach her three daughters: Em Hang, Em Tieng, and Em Ngung (i think thats how you spell them ^^') we taught the first lesson about God is our Heavenly Father and about prayer. They seemed really receptive! but pres smedley might not want us to teach them anymore because they are so far away :(
ugh! we had this awesome family! Co Hong and Em Bao! they were so awesome and i always had a good feeling about them...but then anh ca ly and anh ca thanh decided to take them back!! orz! so we dont really have any investigators right now. :(

so awesome miracle for this week.... we had a mouse in our house...which freaked me out of course. so we put down some sticky mouse traps and hoped...two days went by and during companion prayer i was just like 'heavenly father, please help us to catch the mouse..' and guess what? the next day the mouse was caught! yay! Tender mercy!

so funny things for this week:
1. i ran over somebody's foot by accident...orz i feel so bad...but it was so funny? *has a sick sense of humor apperantly...
2. so when we were teaching about enduring to the end (kien tri den cung) i accidentally said 'Kien tri den khung' which translates to endure until we are crazy XDD

so overall i guess this week my testimony has grown about the priesthood and about blessings. i'm so grateful that Heavenly Father cares enough about His children that He would allow men on earth to have a portion of His power to help others.
Every day i ask myself, 'why am i doing this?' and always the answer is 'because i love Jesus Christ' Every day i study the Book of Mormon, and my love for it grows. it's like i'm getting more indepth when i read it, and i am able to apply it to me...and soon the investigators, as soon as i can. ^^
I know this gospel is true and i know the Lord blesses us when we follow his commandments.

I loves you all!!
Chi Ca Holloway


Sandra said...

I love it! Endure til we are CRAZY!

Holloway Family said...

I KNOW right!? I LOVE it too!! I had to laugh!