Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Fire, A Meltdown, and A Needle

Monday was kind of a scarey day. We had a bus fire right around the corner from our home!! Kaitlyn had been home all of about 15 minutes when I noticed a stranger man standing in the driveway across the street. I watched him for about 15 minutes to see what he was looking at, I thought he was watching us in the living room window! So I went to the other living room window and noticed HUGE black smoke billowing into the air. At first I thought maybe the corner neighbor's yard was on fire, but it was actually a CITY BUS! The flames were huge!! Thank goodness everyone that was on the bus made it out safely.

Of course, I missed getting pictures of that, but I did get a few of the smoke. There were a total of six fire trucks, two police cars, and one ambulance on the scene. The entire village of Vossem must of brought their children to watch the fire and the firemen at work. I think it was the most excitement they had had in 50 years!!!

If you look really close in the middle window there is a little boy watching the scene below of the fire and the firemen do their thing! He sat in that window the entire time watching. His brother, Mom and Dad joined him throughout the ordeal.

The flames were so hot that they melted the rolling blinds on the window of the apartment across the street. The next morning when we went to the bus stop for Kaitlyn to catch the school bus we saw more heat damage to the covered bus stop, the speed monitoring sign, and of course the black scorch marks on the sidewalk and street.

Tuesday was our meltdown night. Kaitlyn came home upset because she had gotten a "D" on a math assignment! We proceeded to work for THREE HOURS on her math assignment, 8 of 32 problems!! She was so upset because she wasn't getting it and I had to sit down with her and RETEACH her how to do the division problems. Sometimes I wonder how much teaching the teachers actually do. Any way, I know there are good teachers out there, but why does it seem that Kaitlyn has had the WORST teachers in the system? It is so frustrating. At 730 we finally said enough and told her that I would write a note to the teacher explaining that the assignment didn't get done and why. She still had other assignments she needed to complete. Wednesday morning arrived and as we were walking to the bus Kaitlyn burst into tears and couldn't stop crying! We decided she needed a mental health day and she stayed home with me and we worked on her math assignment and studied for her math test which was going to be on Thursday.

Each day this week I have been working on my Teddy Bear Cross Stitch Magnets. I have the set almost complete! They are so darn cute!! We also got the rest of our Christmas presents that hadn't arrived in the mail before Christmas break. A new dress for me, two seasons of The Pretender, one season of Happy Days, one season of Little House on the Prairie, and a Tinkerbell movie. I think we have received everything now.

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Christy said...

You should post pics of your cross stitch when you are done. =) Sounds quite exciting around there. My daughter is in 6th grade. I bet our daughters would get along. =)