Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sister Missionary Update

So here is our weekly update from our favorite sister missionary.
I know that she writes to others in the family, but this is what she sends to me, so if there is anything anyone wants to share with us from her just let me know.
We really miss our girls, but are glad that they both are doing what they feel the Lord wants them to be doing.
We all have to follow the path that we feel the Lord has laid out for us.

Sorry i dont have a lot of time to write today. we have to go to the hospital because sister harlen has an ingrown toe nail...and the hospital is pretty much the only place that's safe enough to go to for something this small. XD but i'm printing out all the emails for this week so i can read them. :)

so things are going alot better. i'm sure now the inital shock has worn off and now i'm getting more focused on the work.
yesterday in district meeting, elder ly had us write down something we could be more diligent in doing, and i decided that this week i would be more diligent in focusing my thoughts on the work...sometimes i get hung up on thinking about what i'm going to do after my mission and i know i shouldnt be thinking that right now. ^_^' oops.

so i told sister harlen about the missionary plan of action we used in Aviano, and this next fast sunday we are going to do that fast, but until then we are praying every night for new investigators.
sometimes sister harlen worries that we arent doing enough because the elders are having tons of investigators, but i keep telling her that numbers dont matter, and i shoot i forget the ish...i think... any way its about how the Lord gives us success. The Lord blesses us with success in his own time, so for now we can just work as hard as we can and eventually it will pay off.

i hope this week isnt so boring for you! :) it makes me happy that kaitlyn wants to go on a mission too! yay! :3 i miss you all so much! and I love you all! give everyone a huge hug and kiss for me!!
Sister Holloway

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Kari said...

Aimee is such an awesome missionary!! She's totally on the right track. And I know it's because of the upbringing you two have given her being all the missionary experiences you all have had. Dave being Ward Mission Leader has definitely helped as well. You have every right to be proud of her!!
Wendy is doing well, as far as she shows on facebook.
You guys are truly blessed.