Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crochet Along, Cross Stitch Progress and Kaitlyn

Please forgive my yammering on today. I'm feeling a bit chatty! I know surprise, right? I'm kinda shy until I get to know people and then ya can't shut me up!!
Kaitlyn is so dang cute!!! I love this little girl!!! She's not such a "little" girl any more though. Each morning it's the same thing...get up, get dressed, brush her teeth (when she's done she bangs the heck out of it on the edge of the sink), come downstairs, sit on the couch and try to decide for 15 minutes what to have for breakfast. Once she's had her breakfast, brushed her hair, and maybe watched an episode of her favorite show on youtube, she gets up announces to the room that she must use the bathroom!! She bundles up in one of her sisters' hand-me-down coats, and hauls her 12-ton backpack onto the back of the couch and then struggles to get it on her back. Every day, all the way to the bus stop, she tells me jokes (that I don't get), her dreams, her day at school, her fears, her wishes, and how much she loves her family. I love this girl so much, and each day as she steps on that bus to head off to another day of learning I think, ah peace and quiet. That lasts long enough for me to walk to the corner where I turn toward the bus as it drives away and blow a kiss and wave good-bye to my sweet little girl and think, I hope she has a good day and I sure miss her.

I've decided that this is the year, a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION, that I am going to finish all those projects that I've started over the years. I'm tired of the unfinished things in my baskets and craft drawers. I have a TON that are done, but haven't framed them or done anything with them. I think I might start having giveaways here on my blog just to get rid of some of them. I'm really starting to want to quilt too and I have some cross stitch projects that would look REALLY cute in a quilt, or two.

I began this project probably two years ago when we were living in Italy. It's a three panel series from a magazine (I don't remember which one) and I've completed the center panel (if I could just find it).

Monday when I pulled this project back out of the basket I noticed that I'm nearly done! So I decided to stitch of a couple of days and see what I could get done.

At the end of my cross stitching session on Wednesday afternoon I had completed quite a bit of it.

I get bored easily. So after cross stitching for a couple of hours I switch to crocheting.

I've made some new friends in "blogsville," crocheting friends. And some of them do Crochet Alongs, where everyone crochets the same pattern and post pictures and their progress. Well, this blog, , is doing a doily, The Rising Sun. And I think I might try to do a Crochet Along.

I've never made a doily before, so yesterday I thought I would see if it would be possible to make one. I found a pattern in my stash to try, Blue Pineapples, is the one I chose to try. It looks simple enough. I began crocheting at about 2pm with a varigated blue and a number 7 steel crochet hook. I got pretty far and realized that I CAN do this!

I think it's gonna turn out kinda pretty. Kaitlyn announced to me this morning before leaving for school that she wants me to make her some doilies for her bedroom. Quess I know what I'll be crocheting for awhile. ;0)

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