Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Sister Missionary Update

Well, we have another weekly report from our favorite sister missionary in Cambodia!
I love waking up on Wednesday mornings to finding a wonderful letter from Aimee.
This week is sounds like she is finally settling in and doing the work she's been called to do there among God's children!
Still no pictures from her.
I hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as we do.

Deariest Mommyz!

I'm so happy to hear you all are doing so well, even if it is freezing there, i've totally forgotten what being cold feels like hahaha. Tell Kaitlyn that boys are icky and she shouldnt let them be a distraction! (funny side story about that: we went to pick up some papers from one of the senior couples, and a cambodian guy walks in. Apperently the Cambodian guy works there with the senior couple. So Elder Curtis is like 'I would like to point out that he is single and looking for a wife." and Sister Harlen and I are like "uhhhh...well we are missionaries....." Talk about awkward right?!)
Anyway, will you guys be back in the states before me? orz i dont even know anymore. and I cant believe how fast January flew by!! Its crazy!
My vietnamese is progressing, sometimes i still forget words, but I have been able to understand more in lessons and follow along. :) i just need to open my mouth more and not be embarassed.

Okay so now for exciting news:
Sister Harlen have been teaching two older women, Bat Út and Co Hai. They are such sweet old ladies. I love them so much. We have taught most of the first lesson, but then on sunday the elders had a baptism and we thought 'hey, lets teach them about baptism this week!' so we taught them about it ! it was so exciting! I heard Sister Harlen give the baptism commitment and while she was saying it i was thinking 'please please please let them accept!!'and my heart was pounding so fast! they accepted with eagerness! thier date is set for 6 march, but we think if we can meet them more often then they can be baptized sooner.

Speaking of baptism... on sunday we had the baptism after church. and i was so disappointed with the irreverance. it made me think about italy and how disappointed dad was with how they would turn it into like a party. but its not a party, its a sacred ordience. How do you teach and stress the importance of that?

So another miracle for this week. We have been teaching Co Tha for about 2 months. shes 42....ish..and her and her husband make these beautiful baskets to sell for money. anyway Chu Hai, Co Tha's husband, hasnt been interested, but we have commited him to read the Book of Mormon to his wife since she cant read. Usually he doesnt sit or participate when we teach, but the past two times he has! and yesterday we asked if they had read the Book of Mormon and where, and they are already in 2 Nephi 32! they are past me already!! XD I asked how he felt as he read and he gave the most unexpected but the best answer ever!! He said that he knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God! but he is scared because it talks about perfect people...we explained that none of us are perfect all he has to do is try and turn his life around. Next lesson we are gonna teach about the Atonement and the life of Jesus Christ.

Wow I'm so happy to have witnessed these things. We also are working on strengthening the branches. they have a lot of progressing to do, but i know this year i really want to help them progress and become better members! if we can do that, and help them feel the spirit more in meetings, then i'm positive we can get our investigators to come and stay at church. :)

Well I'd better get going, we have to hit the market next and buy food....ah! last week it didnt seem like we bought much, but somehow we had a ton of food! XD hahah i was like 'someone must be praying that we dont starve.'

I love you all very much! *Loveslovesloves*
Sister Holloway


Sandra said...

Awesome!!! Makes me wish I was there too, helping, sharing, and loving. =)

The Page Family said...

She has really grown in such a short time!! Thanks for sharing her letters. It is nice to read them and the ones Carey post from Christopher!!