Sunday, May 17, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

So this month has been a bummer, joke, the pits, or absolutely hilarious, depending on your outlook on life.

We started out the month THINKING that we had hot water. When the hot water heater got fixed LAST month, it lasted all of THREE DAYS. That's right three days!!! The water heater has been broken since the first of this month, that's 17 days so far. The guy keeps comin' out to fix it, but for some reason it ain't workin'!!! We keep going to the gym on base to take those nice HOT showers in the evenings. But today I thought, 'Oh it can't be that bad.' HA HA on me!!! It is that bad, especially when cold makes the pain in my back and hips WORSE!! So much for going to church today.

Our car started having a leak from somewhere about three weeks ago. Well, last Wednesday, it had it's last leak. Dave said, 'I don't dare drive it any more. I think we've blown a headgasket.' Oh great!! That sounds bad!! So as we were sitting in the food court waiting for Aimee to get off of work someone out in the parking lot was talkin' with Dave and said to take the car to this mechanic that has a shop up the street from us in Marsure. So Thursday morning Dave took the car up to him. Thursday afternoon the guy calls and says, 'you have a leak in one of the hoses from the radiator and it'll cost about 150 Euro to fix.' Dave said okay and had him fix it, it was job beyond Dave's capabilities. We were pretty glad when it wasn't gonna cost us 1000 Euro. So Friday evening Dave went and picked it up and it's fixed. YEAH for mechanics!!! Plus the guy knocked 50 Euro off the price!!! YEAH for nice Italian mechanics!!

Friday, because we had no car and it was raining, we decided to clean the living room and move the furniture around. Well, I tripped over something and so I moved my foot to catch my balance and instead my foot slipped out from under me. I know, graceful huh? Any way, I landed on my belly, pulled the muscle in the back of my right leg and wrenched my back. I am such a klutz!! Now you know why the pain in my back from the cold shower is so bad. Any way, I felt like an idiot!!! I am always so careful when I clean or walk because sometimes I'm not so steady on my feet any more, but what can I say? Maybe I shouldn't try to clean any more? That sounds like good advice to me. ;0)

It just seems like when we are trying to do everything we are supposed to be doing, everything falls apart. I guess it's just another test to see if we will be faithful? Oh, who knows? I just want to catch a break sometime soon.

I have made a few friends here in Italy and all of them are in the military, so you know what that means....MOVING. Well, one of the friends that we have become close to over the past 6 months or so is moving this week. The Abbott family has been so fun. We have gone out to dinner with them, BBQed with them, played games with them, and Annette has even learned how to crochet. We have watched movies with them, visited and gotten to know their wonderful family. There is Chris, he is so funny and he's the husband/dad of this wonderful family. There is Annette, she is so quiet and reserved until you get to know her and then WATCH OUT, she's the wife/mother of this amazing family. There is Hannah, the oldest and only girl, I totally feel for her, she is so hilarious! There is Jake, the oldest boy, he cracks me up! There is Jared, he is a hoot, he was a munchkin in THE WIZARD OF OZ play and he made me laugh so hard!! Then the baby, Nate, well, he isn't a baby any more, but he is the youngest and so adorable ya just gotta love him. All the children are between Wendy and Kaitlyn in age and all the kids get along great together. I wish we had more time to get to know their family better and do more things with them, but their assignment is up here and so they must move on. I hope that we are able to see them again sometime when we return to the states.

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The Christensen Family said...

Oh, Pam.... I am so Sorry to about everything that has been happening. I do what what you are talkin about. We have been there many times. Stay positive and remember I love ya.