Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missionary Wednesday

This awesome email is being typed just for you by: Sister Holloway, the awesome wedding planner :P So this week has just flown right on by! I cant believe its April already and so many things have happened this week i dunno where to begin...@_@ okay so lets start off with the new companion sister sparks. she's so good, so much more outgoing than i am really, and i'm so impressed with her vietnamese! ^-^ Chi ca ay gio'i qua!! Together we are doing the best we can every day. :) Sunday was really awesome, Bac Ut got baptised! finally! after 3 long months! but it was all worth it. She's such a sweet old lady, all through the teaching process she kept saying "I wouldnt invite you here if i didnt believe it!" :) haha she's funny. Monday we had a wedding schedualed for one of our investigators, Chi Hu'o'ng. We prayed extra hard that she would come, her husband would come, that the elders could make it so they could witness ect...but the one thing we didn't pray for that we probably should have, was that the branch president would remember and come prepared!! *headdesk* luckily we got it reschedualed for tuesday evening and everything worked out. :3 she should be ready to be baptised by the 17th of this month! yay! ^-^ One thing that the mission president is having us do is to read the book of mormon and mark refrences to Christ, his attributes (Christ's not the mission presidents XD), principles of the gospel and other things. My book of mormon is so colorful now! man, i never really realized how much awesome things are there in the book of mormon. I've been trying to apply the things i learn there from like Alma and Amulek and Ammon. especially Ammon because Ammon was such a joyful guy it seems like. :D Ah! I saw the pics you sent! thank you so much! i cant believe how grown up Kaitlyn looks! daaaaang! TT___TT orz i miss you kaity! Ack! wait, you all are moving?! I'm thinking New Mexico...if you are then i totally called it when you said you had a prompting to learn spanish!...oh speaking of how is the spanish going?? and does this mean you'll be at the airport when i get home?...oh yeah i've been meaning to ask, what are the odds you and daddy will come visit me right before I end my mission? :P Yeah being extra friendly really helps on a mission, even if its just smiling at everyone as you bike past them. ^-^ Man the language is going so good now, sometimes i'll be talking or listening and suddenly i'll think "Man, i know vietnamese! yay!"....and then i'm instantly humbled. XD hahaha oh well. Ack, faith promoting stories....ummm lets see i know i have some, i just cant think of any right now. *fail* this my friends is why we keep a journal.... hmmm...well i guess the biggest faith building thing right now is that the Lord truely doesnt give us anything we cant handle. and even when the trails seem tough, through the Atonement we can feel our burdens become light. like seriously, i dont think i've felt the heavy burden of training, but i know thats only because of Jesus Christ. Seriously, if it wasnt for him i wouldn't be able to function here i dont thing. and every day we must always try a little harder to do a little bit more better...(sorry vietnamese grammar there i think) Well i'm glad everyone is doing well! and i will pray that things get taken care of quickly! I love you all so much! Love Sister Holloway, Chi ca Tam


Amber said...

hey pam...i don't think i've told you.... thank for posting these so i can see them. :) and you guys are moving back state side?!?!

Holloway Family said...

We will be returning to the states within the next year, hoping for this summer, but we will see. We are discovering that the cold, humid weather is not good for my fibromyalgia.