Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here We Go Again

Yup, it's the beginning of a new school year and we are back to a 'normal' routine. The night before the first day of school the girls receive a father's Priesthood Blessing, a tradition that was started when I was a child. Each child sits in the chair, in our family it happens to be the computer chair, and at the hands of their Daddy receives that special council from their Heavenly Father. The council is always unique to each child and is something that they need to hear. This year was no different, Kaitlyn received her blessing and was counciled to choose her friends wisely and to choose the right so that the Holy Ghost will always be with her so that she will make the right choices. When she was done, Aimee said that she missed getting those Father's Blessings each year, so Aimee recieved a blessing also, then Wendy said she would like one. So this year was a little bit melancholy for me as I realized that I only have one child in school now.

We are happy to say that after a LONG night of worrying and fretting about our first day of school, Kaitlyn did great. She made a few friends and is going to love the fourth grade!!

I know that Aimee and Wendy have put their lives on hold the past year or so waiting for us to return to the US and that once we do return they will be flapping their wings and going out on their own. For me that is exciting and a little bit scary. Did we teach them everything we were suppose to? Did they listen when we taught them? I sure hope they did.

In other news, we have added another family member to our home. A parakeet named Leo. Had you scared there for a minute didn't I? ;0)


Sandra said...

Kaitlyn is soo cute. =)

Holloway Family said...

Thanks, we think so too! ;0)

Kari said...

First day of school jitters! Poor Tifani has been sick since the third day of school and missed the next 8 days! She's better now, finally, just the cough that lingers.
Kaitlyn is very cute and looks ready to take on the school!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! You don't know me, but my name is Shelby Reyes. You made a post around October last year that indicated that you know the Carter family (Amanda, Jessica, Wendell, Yvonne). Amanda was my best friend all throughout my childhood, and was hoping to get in contact with her again. I've searched endlessly on the internet, and this was the closest thing I could find that could help me get in contact with them again.

I was wondering if perhaps you knew anyway I could get in contact with them, like an e-mail address? I would be eternally grateful. :)

Wonderful blog, by the way! :)