Sunday, October 18, 2009

September Day-Trips

I know this is kinda outta the blue or late....whatever you want to call it, but I found my camera and uploaded all 121 pictures that have been taken over the past six weeks or so. I realize I haven't really posted anything on our blog lately so now that I have pictures I'll post and try to get all of you caught up on our family. I hope ya'll enjoy.

Here is Kaitlyn on the beach at Caorle. It's one of the resort beaches on the Adriatic.
We have been to Bibione a couple of times, but always during the off-season. This time we decided that since this was going to probably be one of our last chances to go during the tourist season we would go to one of the beaches we hadn't been to. Wow, what a difference!!!
The sun was out, the tourists were sunbathing, little children running around naked (that's how they roll in Italia), the water was nice. The tourists ride around on these crazy motorized two-seater bicycles. Pretty Cool!!

I was surprised how organized the beaches were, I know that sounds weird huh? Any way, each hotel has a designated area and specific chairs or color of chairs that they use. Very strange for us who don't do beaches.

We saw jellyfish again.

There was actually a church on the beach. I don't understand why because out of respect you need to be DRESSED in order to go in. But hey whatever works.
And here are all three of our beautiful girls!!

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The Christensen Family said...

Looks like a great beach and I am sure you had a blast. Thanks for sharing your pictures.