Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Update Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We have made it home to Utah safe and sound. We arrived here on the 8th of December and have been running around like crazy trying to find a car, a house, a good school for Kaitlyn and jobs for Aimee and Wendy.

We started 2009 still in Aviano, Italy, where Dave worked his civil service job as information security for the entire base. It was a very frustrating job as it was actually a two to three man job and he did it all by himself. He received several awards this year, the one he is most proud of is the recognition he received from the OPM office in Washington DC. He made a lot of great contacts for the future. Dave was released as Ward Mission Leader and immediately called to be the Gospel Doctrine Instructor. He loved both callings, he loves teaching the gospel! He enjoyed his LONG bike rides through the Italian countryside. We usually found him two hours away on Saturdays. Everyone he knew said they loved to go bike rides and he invited many to go with him, but very few took him up on the offer.

Pam served as the Ward Historian and the Ward Family History Consultant. I really love Geneology, so both callings were perfect. Pam started the year with bad health and a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, but thanks to a caring doctor that diagnosis was ammended to Chronic Fibromyalgia. Now the trick is to get proper treatment and start feeling better!!! She stays busy with her geneology, crocheting, cross stitching, reading and playing games on the computer.

Aimee is 20 years old. She served as the Young Single Adult Representative for the THREE that were active in the ward and MANY that were inactive. She worked for AAFES in giftware and jewelry. She received certification to sell precious gems, diamonds and gold. She was very excited about that. She is planning on attending a trade school once she finds a job. She is excited to be back in Utah where she has been able to reconnect and catch up with old friends. She still enjoys drawing, painting, and illustrating comics. She still loves Manga comics.

Wendy is 19 years old. She served as a Primary Teacher and LOVED her 'kids'. She loved those kids so much that she moved up with them. She worked for AAFES at the Four Seasons Shoppette. She loved her job most days, made tons of friends, and loved meeting new people. She took a few classes online through the University of Maryland. There weren't too many for her to choose from as most of the classes she had during junior high and high school. She is looking forward to starting school again this year once she finds a job. She is looking forward to having her own room, she has had to share with someone for her whole life. She loves to write poetry, drawing, reading, cross stitching and spending time with her family. She has been a great help to everyone.

Kaitlyn is 10 years old and in the fourth grade. She has been a great student and wonderful friend to everyone she meets. She is still shy until she feels comfortable, but it doesn't take her too long now before she is talking your ear off. She is very excited about getting her own room and having her own space. She is very happy about being close to her grandparents once again and she has loved spending time with her cousins the past week.

We didn't take very many vacations this last year due to Pam's health. We did take day trips to the beach and to local markets. The one trip we took was to the Swiss Temple in Switzerland. We took a week and spent a wonderful time together as a family. We started our 'mission' in Italy with a trip to the temple in June of 2007 and ended our 'mission' the same way in October of 2009.

We moved out of our Aviano home on the 23rd of November and have spent every night since then in a hotel. Today (January 1, 2010) will be the first night in our new home. We left Italy on the 7th of December, flew into Charles-DuGaulle Paris, France, had a nightmare there barely making our connection to Detroit. We arrived in Detroit about dinner time and spent the night there. We left Detroit on the morning of the 8th and arrived in Salt Lake just before lunch. We told no one that we were arriving and surprised everyone!!! It was the best Christmas present we could have given our family.

Today we are moving into our new home, 1632 N. 2800 W. Clinton, Utah 84015. We all have cell phones, but Pam's is 801-513-0283. We have lots of room for visitors, so give us a call if you are in the area or drop by and visit!! We LOVE visitors!!! We hope this year will bring love and happiness to everyone.

Dave, Pam, Aimee, Wendy and Kaitlyn Holloway

I was going to add pictures but I can't find my camera right now. I'll add them later.

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GG said...

Thank you for all the updated news on your family. It is wonderful to have you back in the USA!! It sounds like you are going to have a busy year. Please tell your mom and day hello for me. I have always loved them.