Friday, March 26, 2010


Did anyone, besides me, notice how FAT I am? This last family picture is just throwing me for a loop! I realize that with life and age comes some issues, but I didn't realize just how much weight comes with mine. I keep telling myself that I need to lose some of the this weight so that I can better enjoy my life and my future grandchildren, but haven't really been motivated. I know I can lose it if I really want to, but I just need some help with motivation and of course sticking to it!! I remember when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn, eleven years ago, that I was on a very strict diabetic diet and I managed to lose 50 pounds while pregnant! I felt so good when she was born, but life took over and stress became my enemy. I gained almost, about 49, all of it back. While we lived in Italy I was able to lose about 20, but since moving back to Utah, I've gained it back!!! UGH!!! Would any of my blogging friends like to help me out, or help each other out losing that unwanted baggage?


Kari said...

Ya it's the stress of living here! I've gained 40lbs since we've lived here! I'm going to the nature store next week and get some stuff to help with Cortisol levels and my thyroid. Then I'm planning on starting back to the gym on base. We'll see what gets done.

Becca Juhasz said...

I've been on some sort of diet/lifestyle change since October. I feel like where I live, OR/WA, EVERYONE my age is thin and stylish. Everyone on my street, all the mom's of my girls' friends... We went to a birthday party today and of the 7 mom's that were there I was by far the largest one! AND I've already lost 40 lbs! I feel better, but I'm really only half way there. Still dieting now. I have set some goals and am working hard... some days harder than others. I just wish it were easier- that and that I'd stop comparing myself to others. As long as I'm healthy and happy it shouldn't matter right?
What ever you decide to do, I'll support you! Even if it is long distance!
HUGS to you and your family!

The Christensen Family said...

I know how you feel. I am fighting with the weight I have as well. I have a thyroid problem, problems with my knees that keep me from doing alot of walking and then I have prosidedis(sp) which walking really makes it hurt and iritates it. I just keep doing what I can and life still has to go on, even if I am fat, thin or in pain. Hang in there.