Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Been a Crazy Week

Actually it's been a crazy 10 days. I did a little complaining in my last post about needing a friend and who shows up the very next day but my baby brother and his wonderful family!!! I guess the Lord was listening to my prayers after all, plus I had wonderful comments from some wonderful friends. I'm not the only one that seems to be having a difficult time with this last move, I have other friends that have gone through it as well. It feels so nice to know that I'm not the only one in the world who is going through this right now.

Any way, Brian and Angela and their 5 adorable children showed up on Saturday at 530 in the morning. I was actually expecting them on Monday or Tuesday, but they surprised even me this time. They live in Nebraska where Brian is stationed with Air Force. They decided to take their vacation now to get away from the snow instead of during the summer when it's blistering hot!! It has been great!! They stayed with us for two days and then went to stay with my Grandma. We were wall-to-wall people, but it was great!!

Last Saturday Brian baptised his second son, Pearce. It was such an awesome experience to be able to see my brother perform this sacred ordinance!!! It was awesome to see because I have been a part of their lives since Pearce was born. I was there when he was born because Brian was overseas somewhere. I was even there when their third boy, Britton, was born. Again Brian was overseas. I was even privileged to hold Britton when the boys were sealed to their parents. What an awesome experience that was!!!

After the baptism we all gathered at my home and had a BBQ!! It was so fun!!! We laughed so much!! The food was great. The first of Dad's steaks since we left for Italy. Oh man I missed those wonderful steaks!!!

Brian's children have taken a great liking to me!! The younger two children, Weston and Amaia, can't figure out if I'm Grandma or Aunt Pam!! They both keep calling me Grandma. It's so funny! It doesn't bother me at all, I see it as a privilege!!! They even give me lots of hugs and kisses!! The oldest boy is Tommy and he is 9 years old!! He is one awesome, smart boy!!


With all this activity and excitement I have been dealing with the pain of the fibromyalgia. Today was especially bad since I was woken up at 2am from the pain. I haven't talked about the fibro here in my blog, but maybe I should. I deal with pain at verying degrees at different times of the day, every day. Sometimes the pain is so bad I have to take pain medication, today is one of those days. I've been laying on the sofa all day and catnapping. Sometimes I wish I could crawl into a hole a die, today is one of those days, but tomorrow will be different.

I did manage to finish two books today. When I'm in this much pain and all I can do is lay there, I read. I read a lot!! If you've been to my home you know how much I love books. I've read just about every book in my home and most of the books in my Mom's home. The books I finished today were "Setting Sail" by Grace Elliott and "Fearless Fourteen" by Janet Evanovich. "Fearless Fourteen" is a Stephanie Plum mystery, she is absolutely hilarious!!!! "Setting Sail" is an historical fiction about the Saints in England who migrated to New Zealand, very good story!

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Kari said...

What a lovely surprise to have your brother and his family come! That's wonderful that you were able to have company/wall to wall people. I like things like that! Spur of the moment type things. Makes life more fun!