Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not much this week

This last week was pretty boring. We did venture down to Chievers Air Base to the commissary. Did I ever mention that it's an hour away from our home? Well, it is. It makes for a very long day. But we managed to follow our neighbor down so that we could stock up on American products and the food we love. Wendy and Kaitlyn went with us this time and were able to see that when we said it was a long drive we weren't kidding!!! We did some shopping in the PX, I needed to get a 220 volt crock pot for dinner on Sunday. Then lunch, yummy Kababs that we loved in Italy, didn't taste the same but the concept was. It was still yummy!! The commissary is pretty small, but it supplies us with our much needed favorite foods and our comfort foods. The family that we followed down left during lunch because we told them we could find our way home. The commissary has six, that's 6, registers, two of which are the self check registers. We watched the baggers while we waited in line and decided that we would bag our own. The cashier was suprised by my skill and quickness, I bagged groceries at our commissary at Holloman Air Force Base for several years as a teenager. I have skills!!! We had all our groceries bagged and on the cart before the kid could even get back from his last take out!!! Yes, I am that good!!! Any way, we left the commissary and proceeded to head for home. We live on the East side of Brussels. We ended up on the WEST side!!!! How we missed a turn is beyond me. I was so frustrated and agitated that when we got home and the groceries put away, I needed a nap!! My idea was that we should level Belgium, rebuild the roads on a grid pattern and then tell the people that they could put their buildings where ever they wanted as long as it was on the grid lines!!! Dave didn't think that was such a good idea since Belgium was here before we were. ;0)

Sunday was an interesting day as well. Church usually starts at 10am, but today was different, we started at 1pm because the other stake had stake conference and our building is said to be the largest in the Belgium. The building is actually a meeting house, not a converted house like in Italy. When we arrived at church, a half hour before beginning, there were still people from the other stake milling around visiting. It had rained all night and was still raining. The trees are starting to change colors a little and the leaves are falling in some areas, so there were leaves all over the church floor. Dave found a broom and proceeded to sweep up the leaves and vaccuum the chapel before our meetings were to begin. I had to teach Relief Society and I was extremely nervous since I have not taught adults ever in church!!! I guess I did alright, but I don't think they will be asking me again, which is okay with me.

School for Kaitlyn has been good. She is doing well and looking forward to next week when Drama Club begins after school on Tuesdays.


Kari said...

Oh the joys of "adventures" in Europe!! We had soooo many of those in Germany! I actually loved them! And, just so you know, they usually happened on the way HOME from someplace, not on the way there. So we saw plenty of roadways in Europe all because we got lost by making a wrong turn. Lucky thing is, Belgium is not a large country, so it couldn't have been too far out of the way :0
I really miss living in Europe and would leave here in an instant if we had the opportunity to move there!
And...I really don't think you would have done a bad job of teaching adults. You are an amazing person! I'm sure they loved your lesson.

Kari said...

P.S. Randy says to tell Dave to buy a Tom Tom! :) It saves time getting around.