Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Sister Missionary has arrived

Aimee's mission takes in two countries, Vietnam and Cambodia. She will be serving in Cambodia but teaching in Vietnamese because she is an American and from our understanding only native Vietnamese are able to serve in Vietnam.
Each week when I update everyone on Aimee's mission here on my blog I will try to include a few pictures of this obviously beautiful country. Some of those pictures will be some that I downloaded from the internet and some, hopefully, will be pictures that she sends to us.

One of the things that she has to have while there is native costume... I think that is so cool!! Here is a picture of the Vietnamese traditional clothing, I think it's pretty. Won't Aimee look beautiful in something like this? I think so!!
Here is a picture of the Cambodia Royal Palace.
And finally, here are the emails we received from our beautiful sister missionary this week.

Sent on December 28, 2010

Hey mommy!! I'll be calling today!! i know it will be so late when i call you guys, so i hope you all dont mind!
I dunno why they didnt let anyone call on Christmas, probably cuz the lines would be too long.Urg, it was so hard saying goodbye to my elders yesterday, but i know they are going to be awesome!
so it hasnt failed yet, sister erekson and i got locked out again. and we both lost our card keys...what the heck? XD
i sure hope that i havent wasted my time here, surely i havent. overall i feel so good about my mtc experince...granted i dont want to repeat it ever again but still.
Ack! i miss playing Volleyball with the Japanese and Thai missionaries! they were so much fun! :3 not to be boastful or anything but i haz mad volleyball skillz now ;)
I think i learned a valuble lesson last week. Christmas day elder nelson came and spoke to us..right after our huge christmas dinner..(okay who set that one up? shouldnt they know we would be drowsy after such a huge and delicious meal??) Needless to say i dozed off and missed a ton of good information. I felt so sad and upset with myself that night that i decided never to fall asleep in a meeting again.
So on sunday i was attentive as sister nelson spoke in relief society, and i learned so much! hopefully the things i learned in that meeting will carry over to my mission! XD
orz i think the stress is getting to me again though, my jaw is giving me problems again. I've decided though that it probably is just the stress and there really wont be anything i can do about it so i'll just live with it till i get home. ah! and i didnt gain any weight until the first package came with treats (Elder Humphreys' mom sent him one the first of December and we all pretty much have been pigging out since then XD) but Thay Kiet said that the weight just falls off you in Cambodia so i'm not really concerned about it. :)
I'm so thankful for the elders that i was with here in the mtc. i dunno what i'm gonna do without them. they've all become my 1 older brother and 5 younger brothers. XD I was with Elder Lam and Elder Hammond the longest, and i broke my heart to watch them go. but somehow we said our good byes now we have to go on and do the work!
oh i cant wait to call you all today! i sure hope you read this before hand so you're aware of my calling late today!
I dunno what else to say aside from I'm so happy to be serving the Lord! These past 12 weeks have gone by super fast and i'm sure the next 15 months will go even faster! I love you all and thank you so much for all of your support and prayers and letters and packages!! *hugs and loves*
well sister erekson and i have to go clean our room now! i will talk to you all in just a few hours hopefully!! and i'll tell you how my name is pronounced! :D yay!
Chi Ca Holloway

Sent on December 30, 2010

whoo! i made it to Cambodia!! I cant believe i'm here! okay so the flight from SLC to LAX wasnt so bad, it was rather short compared to the flight over the pacific ocean! orz i thought i was gonna die!! i slept off and on for like 10 mins at a time the entire flight. then we stopped for four hours in Taipei Taiwan. we all got ice cream and oh! i forgot in the slc airport there was a random seemingly Muslim woman who walked by as we were taking one group pic before we boarded, she did a double take then asked to get a picture with us. turns out she was a member. she was kinda weird, but harmless. then in Taiwan sister erekson and i ran into another woman who was a memeber and she was so excited for us. she even gave us a hug! nothing like a hug from a random asian to make your day!so we landed in phnom penh and the heat and humidity are like BAM! we started sweating the moment we stepped off the plane and we havent stopped since. although the mission home is air conditioned, which is so nice. and our houses too all have at least an air conditioner in the bedrooms. we have been going through orientation since after lunch and i am so flippin tired right now!oh while we were at the LAX i overheard a vietnamese man on his phone, and i realized i had no idea what he was saying XDthe mission president is super nice and his wife is so kind as well! we had interviews with them already, and he is so nice. tomorrow i get to meet my companion finally and begin teaching! i hope i'm rested enough for that! oooh traffic here is super crazy!! but sister smedley has shared some amazing stories with us how the missionaries are protected. so i dont have to worry about that. did i mention it was hot here? okay well i'm only allowed to email parents and mission president all other corrispondence has to be through letters. :( bummer. oh i hope things are still going well! I love you all and thank you so much for your support!I still hope that my going on a mission will somehow influence makie and koby to come back to church...but after wendy told me the drama of what happened it's kinda made me lose hope... at any rate i'm not going to let that slow me down! *determined face**loveslovesloves* i miss you all! oh and P-days are on wednsdays!!Love,

Sister Holloway

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