Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a busy weekend

We started packing our house last Wednesday and did the final clean today. What a busy week! I pushed and pushed myself to the point of severe pain just so I could get done everything I needed to get done. The last two days have been really bad pain-wise. Dave is an amazing man! He got everything moved out of the house and into storage, with the help of some amazing men in our neighborhood. Thanks everyone!!

We are still waiting for our orders. I had to fill out some paperwork because of my medical condition and get that sent back to Belgium. There is a medical clinic at the embassy with limited care, so I had to have my doctor fill out the paperwork saying that my prognosis was good and that as long as I continue with preventative measures I should be fine to live overseas for the next three years. Our moving date may be moved two weeks later, so it could be the first of August before we can all leave.

Aimee had her interview with the Bishop Sunday morning for her mission and tonight is her interview with the Stake President. Hopefully, that will be it so that her papers can be turned in tomorrow. It takes about eleven days for missionaries to receive their calls, so hopefully in the next two weeks we will know where Aimee will be serving the Lord!!


The Christensen Family said...

Actually, she will hear sooner than that. At least Chris did. good luck.

Kari said...

Take it to the limit!! Yep, that's what we do despite fibro!! Then all of a sudden we get kicked in the gut/butt by it and are in bed for the next week! Ok, maybe not that long, but... Hope you aren't in too much pain any longer! I am sooo excited for you guys!