Friday, October 22, 2010

A Husband's Support

It's like I always say: I didn't bring the guy that CARES! So get over it World!

Read the warning of voice of one of the Lord's servant: "What the world really needs is courageous parenting from mothers and fathers who are not afraid to speak up and take a stand....May I express my personal warning about a practice that is common in many cultures. I am referring to sleepovers, or spending the night at the home of a friend. As a bishop I discovered that too many youth violated the Word of Wisdom or the law of chastity for the first time as part of a sleepover. Too often their first exposure to pornography and even their first encounter with the police occurred when they were spending the night away from home". (Elder Larry R. Lawrence)

...Parents are you listening???? Enough said.

Oh by the way I support my wife and I support the Lord's chosen servants.

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Sandra said...

Like this one too. =)