Sunday, October 31, 2010

This last week has been full of stuff.

Each morning we wake up to dark and take Kaitlyn to the bus stop in the dark. The sun doesn't come up over the hills until nine o'clock in the morning!! The sky has been cloudy every day this last week. The weather has changed to mostly chilly, the leaves are changing colors. The rainy weather hasn't cooperated with us so that we can take pictures so far. I hope it will cooperate this week!

Tuesdays are crazy at our house. Kaitlyn has joined Drama Club and so she has play practice every Tuesday. Since she is too young to ride the after school activity bus, I get to ride the public bus to the school. It's not so bad, but on my bad day it's difficult to walk to the bus stop. Kaitlyn even has a part in the play!!! She is very excited!!

Thursday I needed to go to the doctor so that my prescriptions could be refilled. The new doctor I will be seeing is very kind. She decided that it was past time for me to have my first mammogram!! UGH!!! I got lucky and there was an appointment available for Friday. Our medical clinic here is extremely small, so most tests and major illnesses are contracted out to the local hospital in Leuven.

Because I had doctor appointments on those two days, Dave got a long weekend!! He had plenty of time to prepare his lesson for Sunday. Sundays are turning out to be very long days at church. Dave has meetings beginning at 830, church begins at 10, and then he has a meeting after church. We leave or house at 8am and don't get home til 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

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The Christensen Family said...

Your just now gettiing a mamag. wow, I just had my 3rd. Sometimes I feel old thinking I am still to young for them, but I am glad we have the opportunity for this "pleasure".