Tuesday, November 2, 2010

News from our Missionary

okay so the highlights for this week.
last tues elder scott came and spoke to us in the tues night fireside. ugh i'm in such a rush i cant remember what he spoke on, but i did take notes!
then during laundry time sister erekson almost took an elder's clothes. XD we joke that laundry time is the worst time because everything usually goes wrong then...and well its true.
we got 4 new sisters in our room, they are all english speaking going to kirtland. they are pretty quite but we are slowly getting to know them.
ack! yeah i would carry my room key with me all the time except the smart person who invented skirts didnt think to add pockets! *dead*
Uwah! something really sad happened on saturday. one of the elders in our district went home. :( it felt like i was losing a brother, but somehow we all managed to pull ourselves together and press on.
my favorite part about being in the mtc is gym time. Sister erekson and i are together during that time and we usually play volleyball with the elders going to thailand/japan or we play lighting with the elders in our own districts. and we usually kick thier butts ;P
*headdesk* i forgot my journal in the other room and i had so many things to tell you....
ah!!! before i forget could you please send me pics of the family? i miss seeing you all and i want to show everyone my awesome fam! :3
*flails around* tomorrow anh ca jones va anh ca hoopes va toi will be teaching our first lesson in vietnamese.... i feel so unprepared. T_T i feel like i cant keep up with them in the language. :(
at the very least i can listen carefully and bear my testimony i guess...
um lets see what else can i tell you about?
ah!! if wendy decides to get her endowments before i leave she should just happen to come to the provo temple....on a tuesday...around 3 ish....i'm just sayin...
man i miss you all so very very very much! the other day they served funeral potatoes and i was thinking of you mom the whole time!! *cries*
dad, i wish you could be here to teach us. you've always been the best teacher because you make it so personal and understandable.
wendys! i miss you so much! there are random times when i want to hold sister erekson's hand because she is walkin next to me and i forget that she's not you. T_T *cries*
Kaitlyn!! ack! sister erekson has a little sis named kaitlyn too! i miss you so much! i hope school is going well for you! how is the play coming along???
*noms feet* i'm starving but there is still 3 hrs til lunch!
okay well i'd better write gma and gmpa now!
i love you all!! SOOOOOOO FLIPPIN MUCH!!
thank you so much for everything and all the support!
*hugs and loves*
Chi ca Holloway


The Christensen Family said...

What a wonderful letter. I loved reading it and didn't get through the letter without tears stearming down my face. I just love our missionaries.

Kari said...

What a fabulous experience she is having! Thank you for sharing this tender moment with us!

Sandra said...

I'm with Carry C. on this one. I hope I'm ready when my turn comes in a couple of years.