Saturday, November 6, 2010

October pictures and the 1st Week of November 2010

As soon as we got out of the car, Wendy took a bag of popcorn and as soon as she walked across the path, the geese wanted to be feed! It was so funny. It was like the geese knew instinctively that that was what Wendy was there for, to feed them a treat. Kaitlyn was a little scared and it took a little coaxing to get her to feed them too. Now we know what to take to the park with us.
Wendy and Kaitlyn feeding the birds popcorn at the the park the first weekend in October.

General Conference weekend, the first weekend in October, we went to the park. We spent a couple of hours walking, resting, reading, and enjoying the sunshine!! The leaves were just starting to change. The colors are amazing!! I hope I am able to get some pictures this next week before they have all fallen.

Happy Halloween!! Kaitlyn went as a sorceress this year. Isn't she cute? Wendy spent two hours curling Kaitlyn's lasted an hour.

Trunk or Treat at the Garrison in Brussels, Belgium. There were some really cute cars all decked out. There were about 35 cars to "trick or treat" at. Kaitlyn was so excited to go, so we spent Friday the 29th at the Garrison. There was food, a haunted house, and trunk or treating.

On October 27 Kaitlyn had to have a mandatory flu shot for school!! Personally, I think it's stupid to make it mandatory, but who am I. They say you can't get the flu from the shot or even the nasal mist, which is what she actually got. Well, Kaitlyn ended up getting the flu and spent last weekend doing exactly this, sleeping! Poor thing, she was miserable and wanted to cuddled and loved on all the time.

Wendy spent the week excited and getting ready to leave home. We only brought four suitcases with us when we moved over here and she took two of them. I guess that means we have to buy a new set of luggage before we go back to the states. I don't know how many times she pack and repacked to make sure she got as much in her bags as she could. Her orders didn't get processed until Thursday so we thought she would have to postpone her leaving, but they were printed and ready to go.

Friday Wendy spent all day with Kaitlyn. Doing fun things like watching movies, tv shows, playing games, coloring, reading, painting each others fingernails. It was so good to see them spend so much time together and really bond and make some good memories.

Saturday started way too early!! Pam barely fell asleep about 2 am, Kaitlyn woke up at 3 am from a bad dream, Wendy got up at 4 am to get ready for her long flight, Dave got up at 5 am to get ready for the day. We left for the airport at 6 because Wendy had to be there by 715 to catch her flight to Atlanta at 915. We had time before leaving for Dave to give Wendy a father's blessing, such sweet words and a few tears. We made it to the airport in plenty of time, got Wendy checked in, checked her bags and get her to security. We hugged her good-bye, told her we love her and sent her on her way. We waited for her to get through security and waited for her to turn and wave. She walked through security and didn't see her after that. I think she was afraid she would start crying (she has to be brave ya know) if she waved good-bye to us. That was a very hard thing for us to do, sending her on her way to live her life. She is very excited about going to live with Grandpa and Grandma.

We are so grateful for loving parents who are so willing to let the girls live with them, when they can't move around the world with us. We love them so much and can never repay the generosity they have shown toward us and our family.

After leaving the airport we went home so we could take naps. At lunchtime we took off for our journey to the commissary in Chievres. The drive down is beautiful and long. We actually managed to make it back home without haveing to go ALL the way AROUND Brussels like we have in the past. Thank goodness for a map, we were finally able to get one yesterday. Traveling is so much better with a map!!!

During dinner we got a phone call from the missionaries letting Dave know what time their appointment was tonight with a new member. He totally forgot that he was gonna do that tonight!!! It's okay though, it's keeping him busy so he doesn't cry all night.

Kaitlyn and I are watching a movie and spending quality time together. I don't think Wendy being gone has really hit us yet. Yeah, we are sad, but we haven't broke down and shed any serious tears yet. It might be Monday morning when I actually take Kaitlyn to the bus stop for school and then be alone all day.


The Christensen Family said...

loved the pictures. Looks beautiful there. Sounds like your having a great time.

Kari said...

So, it's Sunday night here in Utah. Just wondering if the flood of tears has happened yet? I know it would have with me! You have such a great family!
Loved the pics. Beautiful country! Also glad you got a map! I mean, yes, it's a beautiful country, but you don't want to be driving around it every time you go shopping! :)

Sandra said...

Same as Kari. How are you holding up? Love ya!