Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazing week

This week has been fun.

Monday we got our internet hooked up!! We have been piggybacking off the neighbors network, they were so kind in letting us do that. Now we don't have to!!

Tuesday was Kaitlyn's Drama Club. That is moving along, well as well as can be expected since it's a group of third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Forty-five students in all. The play they will be doing is Sleeping Beauty. Kaitlyn is a member of royalty!! She is so excited. Because there are so many children and the advisor wants all of the children to have a speaking part, there have been some rewrites. Since I can't do much I volunteered to do any typing that needs to be done, so I will be working on typing up the rewrites!! I think I can handle that. The parents all decided that each family is responsible for their child's costumes. Now how in the world do I come up with a costume for a member of royalty?

Today was Parent/Teacher conferences. Kaitlyn got all A's and B's!!! Her teacher says she is a great student and he loves having her in his class. Did I ever mention that there is only one fifth grade class with only 23 students? Well, there is. She is learning Dutch this semester in Host Nation class. She's constantly correcting our pronounciation of words. Maybe by the time we leave she will be able to speak Dutch and French? We'll see.

After we were done at the school we decided to drive up to Schinnen Air Base in the Netherlands! That was SSSOOO much easier to find and return from then Chievers Air Base. It was still an hour away, but it was so much less stress!! Groceries were a little bit cheaper, which is always a nice bonus. The base is really small, but AAFES and the commissary were much bigger and there were so much more facilities than here. We were able to get a couple of things for Christmas for Kaitlyn.

Once we got home we sat down and watched TOY STORY 3. Oh my heck, it is so stinkin' funny!!! I loved it! We all laughed so much.

The rest of the week will probably be boring since we need to clean for the holidays.

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