Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Boy!!

January 10, 1963, David Jay Holloway was born to Harry and Renee Holloway in Alamosa, Colorado. I was lucky when I meet and married this wonderful man. Dave has been such a wonderful influence in my life for the past twenty-two years ago. Dave has had many ups and downs in his life but he has risen above them and learned from each experience and become a better man. He loves me with my faults and all the baggage that I bring with me. He is a wonderful father to our beautiful daughters. He is a great example to all those he meets. He doesn't realize what a wonderful man he is. He does the best he can with what he has and finds beauty in everything that surrounds him.

I love my sweet husband!! And he loves me!!
Friday night we had our family dinner for Dave. We went to Vicchio's Pizzaria. It was wonderful pizza. We have some friends, Alex and Kim Wadsworth, that live right around the corner from the Pizzaria so we invited them to join us. We also bought Dave some CROCS to wear around the house. Those shoes are so comfortable so I bought a pair for me and Kaitlyn too.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with some other friends of ours, Annette and Chris Abbott. We had so much fun enjoying a good meal and good conversation. After dinner we came back to our house to chat some more. Unfortunately our house was freezing, once again we are having some problems with our heating and our water heater.

Today we woke up and Wendy asked if we could go to the beach because it was such a beautiful day. The sun was shinning and was so warm outside. Dave some how got the radiators to work and the water heater to work so everyone could shower. Any way, we drove over to Luganio to the beach. It was so weird to see all the Italians bundled up in their coats and scarves, and we are walking around without them.

The snow capped mountains in the background are the Alps.

This is a jelly fish. Isn't it cool?

We came home to no hot water again. Darn it!!! Thank goodness for the gym. I take my showers at the gym after my workout. Nice hot shower, with real water pressure!! Pathetic isn't it? I can't wait til we get back to the states and don't have to worry about when and if we are going to have hot water or heat to stay warm.

Kaitlyn on the beach. Isn't she beautiful? Sorry about my cuss word, I didn't realize the sand was so waterlogged where I was standing.

Wendy and Aimee on the beach. They are so smexy!!


The Christensen Family said...

What a wonderful and sweet salute to your husband. I love the pictures of you all at the beach. I love the beach. It sounds like you have a great life together. We all have our ups and downs and bagage.

Palmer Family said...

Happy Birthday Dave!!! We love you!!! We love you all and miss you!!

Kari said...

What a beautiful day at the beach! It was all for Dave's birthday, wasn't it. How nice! I've never seen as beautiful of water as the Meditterean! Don't know if that is grammatically correct, but you get the drift.

And smexy is right! You girls are beautiful! You haven't changed a bit! Just more grown up. Love and miss you guys, but boy am I jealous! I really did love it over there. Thanks for sharing the beach via video! It was so nice to actually HEAR the ocean!