Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview with Kaitlyn

I found this new blog and found it interesting. The assignment for today is to interview your child/children and write record the answers. It sounded like fun to me so I though I would do it. Here it is, my interview with Kaitlyn, age 9.

1. What does Mom always say to you? I love you and do better on your homework

2. What makes Mom happy? When she's not sick

3. What makes Mom sad? When she's sick

4. How does Mom make you laugh? When she tickles me

5. How old is Mom? 40

6. How tall is Mom? I don't know, how tall are you, tall

7. What does Mom like to do? Play on the computer

8. What is Mom's job? Nothing

9. What is Mom's favorite food? California Maki

10. How do you know that Mom loves you? If she didn't love me, she'd throw me out the window

I guess you have to be younger than nine to get funny answers. Oh well, I did the assignment, right?


The Christensen Family said...

That is cute, I should see what my 17 or 14 yr. old would say.

Holloway Family said...

I know...I wonder what 19 and 18 years would say. Maybe I'll add them in here.

Sheri said...

I don't think I have seen you in class taco/lasagne-good to meet ya! What is it with our girls? Yours thinks you'll throw her out the window and mine thinks I will just throw her!
Glad you came to class and hope to see ya again soon.

HDJ said...

And my 2 yr old says "mom, you weird."

Holloway Family said...

Aren't our children so much fun? ;) Sheri, my name is Pam and it's great to meet new friends.

Kerri said...

I love the "throw me out the window" one. Great answers!
Welcome to the class!

MrsKerri(one of the teachers)

Palmer Family said...


Rebecca said...

I don't know. I think that the answer "nothing" on question #8 is pretty funny! ;^)

Have a great weekend!