Saturday, January 24, 2009


Okay, so as far as the weight loss goes, I suck!!! I haven't even been able to make it to the gym this past week. Monday, Dave had the day off as well as Aimee and Wendy and Kaitlyn had no school. Who wants to go to the gym when everyone is home? I certainly didn't want to especially when I woke up and realized I could get my right arm over my head for the pain in my shoulder. Then I looked outside and realized why I couldn't lift my arm, I was raining cats and dogs!! Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days to allow my body to recover from my workouts on Monday and Wednesday so I didn't go on those two days. Wednesday, I still couldn't get my arm over my head and it was still raining. Plus Wendy and Kaitlyn were home sick. Friday, once again I still couldn't get my arm over my head, and Kaitlyn had no school (teacher prep day). Dave took half a day off since he had to be at a commanders call at 6am!!! I could have sworn he got out of the military some 18 years ago, but oh well. Any way, we had a ton of laundry to do since everyone had been sick, I decided I needed to take ALL the laundry (bedding, pillows, quilts, sleeping bags, etc) to the laundrymat. It took us four hours to do the laundry. I couldn't even walk when we were done. Remember I have RA so the cold wet weather and constant bending that I did was enough of a workout to make up for the entire week. I am so afraid I might even have the arthritis in my shoulders. Oh great!!!

Next week will be better!!! I WILL make it to the gym!!! Jennifer, my personal trainer, added weight training last week and I've only managed to do that one day!! I sure hope I can lift three pounds on Monday. I really missed going to the gym this week and can tell that my body loves it.

Since I was huddled under the sleeping bag in front of my computer this last week I watched an interesting HBO series on DVD. Dave discovered this series, ROME, and watched the first season and really enjoyed it. He liked the second season so I decided to watch it. I loved it!! I know its probably not the best series to watch, but it is historically accurate to the time. Plus, I live in Italy and it was great for Italian/Roman history. Any way, I really enjoyed the series.
As far as my other New Year's resolutions? I have been awful!! I keep falling asleep BEFORE I have a chance to read my scriptures!! Maybe I should rethink WHEN I read them. Reading the articles in the ENSIGN? Again I have failed. I need to make LDS.ORG my first stop on the internet each day so I can read the articles because we don't get it in the mail. Sunday is the beginning of a new week, I'll try harder.
As you can see from my reading list, I am managing to read a ton of other books. My goal for this year is still 100 books. I believe I've read four or five so far. The books are a range of genre and some mindless reads. But hey, I'm traveling to new lands by reading right? And I love to travel without having to pack, unpack, get in and out of a car, and I don't have to listen to other people's screaming children! ;)
Here is hopeing for a better week!!

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The Christensen Family said...

I am sorry your we not feeling well this last week. I hope you make it to 100 books. I am sure you will make it and then some.