Monday, February 23, 2009

An All-Nighter

I think I'm gonna be pulling an all-nighter...crocheting that is. Our ward is having a boom of babies, and I am crocheting like mad!! One baby, a girl, born this morning, she was a week overdue. Stupid me didn't realize she was even due so soon. Any way, I love to I've been working on a dress and booties for the sweet little one and I'm not done. Then another dear friend is having a girl after a 13 year gap so I'm trying to finish a blessing gown and booties for her. That baby shower is tomorrow....will I get it done? I sure hope so. Another friend is having a boy, for the boys I crochet the edges of a blanket and burp cloth. I got that one done and she's not even due until next month. Another friend is having a girl and they moved back to the states so I need to get that one started, done and mailed by the end of next month!!! Another friend I don't know what they are having...hopefully I have a little bit of time. One of Wendy's friends is having a boy in July so I need to get that blanket and burp cloth done and mailed. This is not to mention the nephew whose wife is having a baby, due in August...don't know that one yet either. Oh man, am I gonna be tired!!!! So I only have to get two done by tomorrow!!! It's a good thing I LOVE to crochet and I LOVE my friends and family!!!


The Christensen Family said...

You sound like Grandma with all your sewing and making blankets. That is really nice of you and very sweet to take your time and do this. We have had a lot of babies born in our ward as well. At one time we had at least 12 women due.

Anonymous said...

Don't exactly know how I ended up here on your blog. I served my mission in Italy in 82-83. If you don't mind I may lurk for awhile. I loved seeing your photos of Venezia. Allora, ci vediamo.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Look at all of this loveliness that you are creating. Amazing that you can stay up all night and crochet. I have trouble staying up much past 10 pm these days.

If we become friends, will you make me a blanket too? :)


Palmer Family said...

We all love you too!! Who are all these people having babies? It seems to happen every spring!! :)