Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Dinner Date

On Valentine's for dinner Dave and I took the girls to a nice restaurant, Casa Bianca, here in Aviano. It is a very nice restaurant, you know the kind, with candlelight at each table and a vase with a rose in it, bright colors and beautiful linens on the table. Being Valentine's Day we didn't realize that it would be as packed as it was, the room that was nicely decorated was reservations only! So we got to sit in the banquet room which was not as nicely decorated, it is usually used for kids field trips, group parties, and the like. Any way, we sat down and looked at the menu and placed our order. We had a fantastic meal, yummy all around. Along one wall was a set of tables set together for like 20 people, and half way through our meal this family comes in and spreads out along this table. The children, there were three, were abnoxiously loud and were EVERY where. A few minutes later another family comes in with another four children and they proceeded to do the same as the other children. By now I was getting annoyed and wanted to leave but not everyone was finished with their meal. A few minutes later another family comes to join the other two families and they too had three or four children, the noise was more than I could handle. We walked up to the register to pay for our meal and there was a couple standing there waiting for their table. I looked at the woman and she was holding a leash, I followed the leash to the ground and there to my shock was a DOG! Is it just me or does anyone else find that just a bit GROSS? I was so glad that we were leaving because I just can't eat with an animal nearby. We have also noticed that people take their animals every where with them, the grocery store and obviously to the restaurants.


Kari said...

I remember that same thing with the dogs in Germany! It grossed me out too. It's hard to eat when you hear a panting dog next to you wanting your food more than you do! And noisy kids and I don't get along at restaurants either! I've never appreciated that. I'm not saying they should be seen and not heard, but they certainly should have manners when at a nice restaurant. At least the food was good, right?

Holloway Family said...

the food was to die for

The Christensen Family said...

I am glad that you were all able to go out, but sorry you had to have it ruined by kids and noise. A DOG sorry but that is gross. Unless your blind, NO DOGS allowed!