Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doing SSSSSOOOO Much Better!!

Finally, I am well enough to go out and about. Thank goodness too because we are going to Venice for Carnivale next Wednesday!! No we just have to pray that it is a sunny beautiful day. It has been raining so much that as of last weekend Venice was flooding. That makes me ask the question...Where do they pump the water when it floods?


Nicole said...

I am so happy that you are doing better. Being sick is the worst.
And GOOD JOB on losing 11 lbs!! YOU ROCK
Keep up the good work.

Kari said...

So do you remember what the outdoors looks like? Have you seen the movie "Hairspray"? Just squint when you open the door, take a deep breath, and exit out of that house! The world is waiting for you to re-join it! I am VERY happy you are feeling better.

I've wondered about Venice as well. Can they flood? They float! Anyways, I hope it clears up over there. Too much rain is not good!

Take care and stay healthy!!