Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our trip to Carnivale

On Wednesday we decided that we were going to go to Venice for Carnivale since it would be the last chance we have before returning to the states. We drove down to Sacile to catch the train, rode the train right to Santa Lucia train station and then we caught a water bus to San Marco Square where all the activity is. Once we got to San Marco Square we walked around to see all of the interesting costumes that people wear. Here in Italy it is all about the Reniasance period of time, so all the costumes are usually pertaining to that time period. I was really surprised by how elegant they all looked. There are also other types of costumes, court jesters, characters from movies and Hollywood and even animals like the dinosaur raptors we saw that even had sound effects!!! Kaitlyn had such a great time, she was so excited about being in Venice again and seeing the amazing sights and smelling the smells and hearing the sounds of the old city. She wanted to dance around every where and I was so afraid she was gonna end up in the lagoon!! She wanted to buy everything of course but we limited her on the amount. We sat down at an outdoor cafe in the square to have a bite to eat since we were all starving. Aimee and Wendy went off on their own to explore and to check out the men. Kaitlyn worried about them the whole time we were apart, but we tried to distract her with the sights. We thought the most amazing costumes were those children that were dressed up in fancy clothes and of course the dinosaur raptors. When we all met up at the pier to go back to the train station we watched the city workers remove the rotted out posts that were in the was amazing to see that they were able to do it so quickly. We decided that instead of the water bus, we would take a private water taxi back to the train station. It was a bit more expensive but it was totally worth it. We were able to see a different side of Venice and it was quicker than taking a water bus. The water bus is very crowded and the water is very choppy so I got a bit of motion sick. The water bus also stops at every pier along the Canal Grande to pick up and drop off people. With the water taxi it wasn't so bad.

This is a church, convent, monasary, I think, that sits on an island across the lagoon from San Marco Square. The last time we went to Venice when we first got here to Italy it was very smoggy and you couldn't really see across the lagoon very well, but today was beautiful.

We were able to find a way to use a restroom for free at the McDonald's that was hiding behind the Square. Most public restrooms you have to pay to use and they are the European toilets, the squatters. GROSS! We all have had to use them at one time or another since we have been here, but we prefer not to.

This is an alley that we walked down to get back to the Square after exploring what we would call the back streets of Venice. There were shops gallor down every alley. And yes, they are extremely small, not very handicap friendly, but we managed. There were even nice hotels down these alleys. Amazing!!

We found a shop that had masks that looked like the 'Borg' from Star Trek. Awesome!!

The courts jesters! There were alot of these type of costumes.

The gondolas that are the typical 'romantic' ride of the Canal Grande. They are WAY to expensive for my taste, but they look cool.

Kaitlyn said it was freezing so she had to hide her head in her jacket. Behind her is the train we rode in on. Santa Lucia train station is on the other side of this water way.

Wendy said this was so high school. But I thought it was cool. We were at the Sacile train station waiting for Dave to make it back with the car. My feet are the ones in CROCS, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life!!! Going to the right is Aimee, Kaitlyn and Wendy. I have the coolest looking feet. ;)

We had an amazing time spending the day with our family in a place that, at least Dave and I, will probably never be again. This was our last opportunity to go during Carnivale and we loved it!!! In the states we call it Mardi Gras but in the country where it originated it is called Carnivale!!


Nicole said...

I envy you so much for being able to be there. The costumes are so incredible and georgous! What a fun time.
You want to adopt me? I'll do the dishes, and keep my room clean.

The Christensen Family said...

that is wonderful. Your pictures and the senery makes me want to come visit and see the sights. The pictures make you feel like your there. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Amber said...

wow!! it's amazing you get to experience all of that. and to have your kids with you. unbelieveable.