Sunday, March 13, 2011


Okay, there are lots of pictures this week! This past week has been a trial, but we made it though without too many breakdowns.

First of all, the dresses that I finished and sent to friends that had babies the last few months (I stole their pictures from their moms' Facebook pages).
Here is little Miss Makena Ardis in pink! Isn't she adorable?! I think the pink looks gorgeous on her, especially with her complexion!
And here is little Miss Avalina Wadsworth in her blue ensamble! Her Mommy said that she kept kicking off the booties. ;0) She's a darling!!

Kaitlyn is going to be in a play, Sleeping Beauty!! She is a member of the "Royal Court" and has a few lines. They have been practicing for many weeks and they have a couple more weeks before SHOWTIME!! Showtime will be on April 1, 2011. She has been so excited about this new challenge and has made many friends. The Drama Club is for third through sixth graders at the elementary school. She so desperately wanted to do something because her sisters aren't here and she wants to try her talents at different things. I don't know that we will do it next year, but it certainly has been an experience! An experience that she will treasure for her whole life I think. It seems like this has gone on forever and we will all be glad when it's over.

Kaitlyn is the third from the right on the back row standing holding a stuffed kitty.

Last week really was a bad week for us as far as gravity was concerned!

Wednesday as I was trying to get the dishes loaded into the dishwasher I noticed a sticky spot on the floor, so I got a rag and cleaned it up. I thought the floor had dried enough for me to walk on it, but I was wrong! My right foot went one direction, my left foot the other and the rest of me fell onto the open dishwasher door!! I am finding bruises just about every where, the only one I could get a picture of was the one on my left arm.

This bruise is four days old and is shaped like the plate that was standing in the dishwasher!

As I sat on the floor to catch my breath and try to move to a better sitting position, Kaitlyn came in to see what happened. It was all I could do not to cry in front of her, because she was already crying and scared because I was trying to breath normally and having a hard time of it. She turned brave, finished loading the dishwasher, tried to call her daddy at work, brought her homework into the kitchen to sit with me until daddy got home from work. Once I was able to calm myself and get up off the floor, I started dinner. While I was fixing dinner I heard the garage door open and Dave coming up the stairs, as he reached the top of the stairs and opened the door I hear a scream and crying!! My hands covered in flour and walking gingerly into the living room, Kaitlyn is in tears again!!

Kaitlyn ran through the living room, tripped and ended up spraining her foot!! We were afraid she may have broken it, but it turned out to be just a sprain. We were finally able to get her to see the doctor on Friday, x-rays were taken, half-cast put on, crutches and rest prescribed. She did pretty good over the weekend, keeping her foot up and icing it. Monday morning came around and she had to once again return to school. She is so afraid she is gonna get trampled by the kids at school, but I'm sure she will be fine and things will go great. As far as the play is concerned, she will continue and won't be on the crutches come show time.
Since I spent Thursday resting from my fall I was able to start a cross stitch project (January Snowman)...
finish a cross stitch project (January Doorway), and worked on my crocheting.
Sunday came and boy were we glad for the day of recharging our Spiritual batteries!! I had to teach Relief Society to ALL the sisters (French and English speaking). I was extremely nervous and afraid that I might offend someone (because we all know that I am good at that)! But thanks to Beth Passey who took me aside in the hall gave me a great pep talk and prayed with me to have confidence in the things that we talked about and what the Lord had planned for me to teach, Service! I made it through the lesson, with a few emotional tears. Beth teaches the Gospel Doctrine class for the English speaking members and that too was a little emotional for me. Sacrament meeting was on temples. Oh, how I love the Temples!!!
After church we came home and Dave cooked the meat for our final dinner with our current missionaries! Dave is the Ward Mission Leader and so we feed the missionaries assigned to our ward twice a month so that they can also have a correlation meeting. Well, five of these six missionaries are being transferred to other areas in the mission.
From left to right we have Elders Garcia, Bjerga, Dykstra, Canonica, Sisters Thompson and Jorgensen. These missionaries are so good! They have sacrificed 18-months (for the sisters) and 24-months (for the elders) of their lives, putting off educations, careers, and relationships to serve the Lord. They have dedicated this time to teach those people who are seeking the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! Their families are sacrificing as well, and we salute them all. We understand those sacrifices they are making because we are making those same sacrifices while our missionary is out. We wish all those that are being transferred great success and pray for them continually. WE LOVE OUR MISSIONARIES!!!

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Love the updated pictures. The baby outfits are adorable. Love seeing what your all up to and what's happening on your end of the world.