Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Missionary Wednesday!!

I thought I would just say that we are so very proud of our Missionary, Sister Holloway.
She has been able to escape her comfort zone and try new things.
She has traveled far, experienced new foods, met new people, and amazed us with her willingness to serve the Lord!
I just discovered that she is in the Hong Kong China Temple district.
Isn't it a beautiful temple?

Hey Mommy Daddy and Kaitlyn!

Wow these weeks go by so fast! it seems like only yesterday i was here in the Diamond Web internet cafe writing that super long whiny email (i apologize for my whine-y...ness)
So the Assistants have really been pushing us to reach our goals, and everyday we have to try and get 10 new contacts. yesterday sister harlen and i were so pumped! we worked really hard to get 10, i even stepped out of my comfort zone *finally* and talked to a woman. at 545 we started home and we were so depressed because we thought we would end the day with 9/10 contacts. we got home and sister harlen was really upset because even though we make goals we rarely ever meet them all. so we prayed to start companion planning and we prayed so hard. we planned and i tried to help her feel better, yes goals are important, but even though we dont achieve them, we did all that we could during the day. and then right in the middle of my sentance the phone rang. it was chi thuy, she had called to give us a referral! we got her number and we called the girl, whose name is chi diem..yiem.....orz i wish i could figure out how to spell vietnamese correctly! ...anyway, we met with her this morning (yes even though its p-day) and we taught her the first lesson. She is really good i can tell. ^-^ she even prayed correctly the first time! of course it was a little awkward teaching her too because the two members that helped us teach are fighting and they hate each other, but Chi Yiem is a mutual friend. so the whole lesson the two members Chi Linh and Chi Thuy were talking over each other....orz ...but anyway the big overarching lesson from that is that even after we do all we can do, it is still the Lord who gives us success, and if we try our best in all aspects of our lives he will be there to make up the rest. :)

So yesterday at District meeting, i had to give the closing prayer. man that was intimidating! there are a few...well okay only one elder who is getting the language like really quick and he memorizes 60 words a week. orz...anyway he speaks really well and i was kinda nervous, but after i prayed they all were like 'woah! that was so good!' :3 Not that i'm seeking the approval of men or anything....but it made me feel good that even he was impressed.

speaking of which I've been thinking alot about service here. every time we offer do so some service the members tell us "khong sao! khong sao!" we ask why and they reply "so' toi!" ...pretty much the members here are afraid of sin. like they think its a sin if we help them or something.......*cough*stupid*cough* like that. so at district meeting we were talking about how we could get the members excited for missionary work. and i suggested also getting the members to serve each other. We are commanded to serve. It is part of the baptisimal commitment. so i was like "what do we do? do we fear man and not serve them because they are afraid of sin (when in reality its not a sin at all but totally the opposite) or do we fear God more and serve them anyway'?
I feel like the members dont even care about each other, thats why visiting teaching isnt successful. when we told Co Oanh that there was an inactive member just down her street she acted so uninterested. it made me kinda upset. >_< i have already decided that when i get home, i'm gonna care more about the people in my ward, not have that selfish indifference like she does.........okay maybe that was a little harsh...... well at least i'm not an elder...(you probably shouldnt read this part aloud but you can send it on anyway cuz its pretty funny) apperantly one of the members told elder thanh and elder hung (in plain english) that he hasnt had sex with his wife in six years. XD hahahaha! poor elders having to hear all that stuff.... So i'm trying to figure out how to use my drawing ability to help people understand...but i always chicken out because i dunno if it would be...i dunno sacreligious or something to draw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ you know? oi...but i feel like it would help so much! oh by the way before i forget..whose birthday is on the 9th? also when is gmpa and gma's birthdays? i forget..*badgranddaugher* sorry! okay well i need to go email my Mission president now. :) i hope you all are doing so well! I miss you all so much...sorry i cant email pictures. :( did you get the email with sister smedley's blog? Love you all so much! keep up with the spanish! *lovelovelove* Sister Tam

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The Christensen Family said...

What a beautiful temple. Chris will have been 4 temples by the time he comes home. I just love missionaries!!! We're so lucky!