Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sorry It's Been Awhile

This is me!
I was able to get several new outfits for church in the last couple of months and I decided that today I looked really good so I had to have a picture taken.
It helped that I had several compliments at church.
Several people said how happy and fun I looked.
Happy and Fun?
But okay, it helped me to feel good about myself, so I thought I would share. ;0)
I have so much natural curl that I usually try to straighten it or wear it so it's not so wild looking.
But when I gel and scrunch it this is the result.
I've kinda been afraid of my gray and try not to make it obvious exactly how gray I really am, but I decided that I love my gray hair and it can be just as fun as all the curls.
I love my Kaitlyn, she's not too sure if she loves her Mommie though.

This week has been a bit of a challenge.
We've had a few days of sunny blue skies, and then the rest of the week has been VERY cold!
Those cold days and lack of a good night's sleep have been really bad on my joints.
Since I love to spend my time working on my handcrafts the cold can be especially hard on my hands.
I haven't been able to work as much as I usually do, so some of these projects have sat in idleness and been looking pretty sad.
After a particularly bad day, I huddled under the blanket, turned up the heat and started get some work done.
It felt so good after just wishing I could be working on them.

This piece I found through a fellow blogger.
There are twelve of these Doorways and I can't wait to get them all done.
I'm working them on 18ct Aida with two strands of floss.
Yes, it makes for a strain on my eyes, but I love them.

This little blessing gown has been a bugger!!
I've had to undo it at least 6 times and I've wanted to give up on it several times, but I know I can't since I promised to have it done and mailed before Zoe Kay is blessed in August.
It will definately be worth it!!


The Vestel's said...

Love the scrunchy hair!! I have the same issue...

Christy said...

I name my gray hairs, things like colicky baby, and mother-in-law, mission, etc. I love all of them, embracing my inner oldness. =) Your daughter sounds so good; I especially love the story about the phone call. =)