Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stitchin' 'n' Crochetin' Away the Day

This was my day yesterday....
My Dear Husband informed me yesterday that he needs two baby boy gifts for women at work, so I went down to my stash to see what I have. Only three more baby boy patterned blanket sets. So I guess I'll be workin' on those the rest of the week.

I finished the blanket and burp cloth that Wendy asked me to send for her friend. It turned out really cute!

I have been crochetin' the same pattern for those cute baby dresses for four years now, so I decided to try another pattern out. So far I like it. We'll see how good it looks when I'm done with it.

I had to start December Santa Bear over again!!

I was stitchin' along for a couple of days while watchin' movies thinkin' I was doin' pretty good! Then I realized I had made a HORRIBLE mistake in counting!! I was about half-way done and there was NO way I was gonna unstitch HALF of what I had completed. So I had to start over. I got two rows done and put it away. Maybe I'll get back to it next week.


Christy said...

Your cross stitch is way cute, too. =) I don't know if have patience enough to do it, but I love that other people do. =) My mother in law made one for me--a mother and a child. It hangs in my living room.

glor said...

My goodness you are busy! Can't wait to see the little dress you are making. I'm starting to pull out my embroidery threads and am going to do a snowman cross stitch. Maybe will start this week. Have a nice weekend.