Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missionary Wednesday!!

Still no pictures, sorry!

Xin chao mommy! and everyone else who will read this!!

I'm glad to hear the sun is finally out for you guys. Sometimes i wish the sun would just burn out here haha XD jk the humidity is rising so its getting hotter. the sunsets are so pretty! so purple and pink! Ack! i took pictures but i forgot to buy a usb plug thing to email them to you! *epic fail* sorry! next week i promise! (oh btw i've lost 2.2 lbs...maybe more since the last time i weighed ^-^) i'm excited to hear how the play goes! Yes yes please send me pictures! :)
The food here is so good. its spicy!! XD the first few weeks i couldnt eat the spicy food much because i was so used to the bland MTC food, but now that i'm used to flavor again i love it! Pho' is so good! we've only had it once, but i still really liked it! and theres this egg dish that Sister Harlen makes with rice that is just soooo yummy! ah! and in the vietnamese food they use fish sauce (you know how much i dont like fish, or the smell) but its gotten to where when i smell the fish sauce my mouth waters XD hahaha

*Que epic Star Wars theme song*
Soo 6 weeks is up and yesterday we found out about transfers!! ^-^ So i'm pretty sure i forgot to mention that i was serving in Branch 3 and Branch 10 before. (Branch 3 takes up the north part of phnom penh, Branch 10 takes up the central part, and branch 6 is the southern part.) So starting on Friday Sister Harlen and I will be serving just in the Branch 10 area. :) we are kinda sad about that because most of the people we are teaching and are getting baptised are in branch 3. dang, but i guess the Lord needs us to concentrate on Branch 10. So we will be serving with Elder Nhan and Elder Vu there.

Ah! in Branch 10 we do have 2 progressing investigators: Bat Ut and Co Hai. They are neighbors and Bat Ut's grandaughter Em Thu is already a member. On Monday we gave Bat Ut a Book of Mormon in Cambodian (She cant read vietnamese) and she said that her son gave her some of his salary and she's going to use the money to buy some really nice reading glasses so that she can read it :)

Oh! on sunday there was a member from Branch 6 at the branch 3 meeting, his name is Anh Tai. he's deaf and he is mute, but his testimony is so strong i can tell. He was telling elder Chinh about how he was going to stowaway on a boat to a country with a temple. He brought a map and was asking us which countries had temples. Elder Hung was like 'yeah he's been saying this for months, but we always see him the next week." XD Still I really admire Anh Tai for his faith. so in Sunday School, usually the elders translate for Anh Tai, by writting down whats being said and showing him the scriptures (Anh Tai can read) but the elders had to teach sunday school for the teens, ans sister harlen translated for the senior couple, so i had the AWESOME opportunity to translate for Anh Tai. I couldnt really understand what was being said, but i showed him scriptures and drew pictures to help him understand words. ^__^ that was so awesome! Everyone could use some faith like him, and like dispite not being able to hear or speak he doesnt let it get him down. He does what he has to, and i could even understand him when he signed. :D

The people here are really good, the Cambodians and the Vietnamese. the other day my chain fell off my bike and this nice cambodian woman helped us put it back on and she got water and soap so we could wash the grease from our hands. :) if only we were taught Cambodian too we could have shared with her. dang it.

So later today we are going to go bowling with the elders, one last hooray before they split us up into 2 districts. yeah thats right! The vietnamese zone is being split into 2 districts. branch 6 and 10 are now one district and branch 3 is its own district! i'm sure the returned missionaries from cambodia are excited to hear least i hope they are...i dunno is this something to be excited about? ...anyway....

So I hope everything is going well for everyone! I miss you all a ton!
The church is true and Jesus Christ is our Savior, never forget that! :)
Sister Holloway

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