Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Missionary Wednesday!!


Yay! i'm so happy to hear that you all are healthy again! ^-^ That totally makes my day!

Okay this week was a harder week physically. Since we are only serving in branch 10 now we have to spread out alot. It's been crazy. But we have been blessed with more investigators to make up for the ones we lost in branch 3. (and i've slimmed down even more...hurray! :)
But we've had some awesome miracles happen as well...for example
my bike tire... stupid thing keeps going flat. i've had it changed 2 now and still it goes flat. so on monday we were in a mad rush to get across the city to meet the elders so they could show us a referral. and my tire went flat. so we stopped at the first tire fixer person we saw and attempted to ask how much it would be. (he wanted 10$) luckily there was a woman there who knew vietnamese and she translated for us. but somehow in the translation there was a mix up and the kamai guy fixing my tire started cutting the inner tube!! Sister harlen and i were like OoO OoO "NO!" ...but alas it was too late my bike tire was gone. ... *moment of silence* meah i was starting to hate that thing anyway.... so anyway as we were watching him replace my tire we contacted the viet woman whose name is Bat Sao. She seems really good and we gave her a pamphlet and explained some things (she doesnt know how to read). then a khamai girland man came up and they wanted a pamphlet (luckily i randomly had 3 pamphlets in khamai). and the guy doing my bike tire lowered the price to only 5$...which is still way expensive. i got ripped off i know it. but still. tender mercies.
so anyway we went and met the elders, met the referrals they had for us. a family of 4 girls and just now the elders called and said that family wants to learn everyday. O_O woah right! they are so good though, we taught Em Vi and Em Thuy yesterday. they met us at the church and we taught them about Heavenly Father and prayer. As they were sitting there they had this like light in there eyes. They also want to learn english really bad, they said we could teach some of the lesson in english...which was a huge mistake because when i tried that i forgot all my vietnamese and when i tried to teach in english i was way more now i know i'm supposed to share only in vietnamese.
I've also figured out that i'm pretty sure everyone has a huge lesson they have to learn while on thier mission. i dunno what everyone else has to learn, but mine is overcoming fear i'm sure. and the way to overcome fear is in Moroni 8:16. it says something like Love overcometh fear or something such as that. (sorry bad scripture quoter!) So that's my goal for my entire mission. Overcome fear though faith in the Lord and love for his children...even if they are crazy drivers :)

Okay well i guess i should go now. We have shopping to do still. hurray for bayon! and for Lucky Burger for lunch! ^-^
Sister Holloway

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