Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Weekly Missionary Update

Just to let everyone know, our little Brussels Family is doing well this week.
We have been fighting the winter blues, colds, migraines and boredom, but we are all here and waiting anxiously for Spring to arrive.
I can't believe it's been another week already!
Aimee is doing well and we are so happy for her.

Thu'a Cha and Mom!
(Dear dad and mom...sorry i cant type the word for mom right because i have no idea how to do vietnamese tones on the keyboard....*epic fail*)

Happy Chinese New Year! (yeah they celebrate that here big time :) ) ack! i'm sorry you're all sick :( thats no fun. Sister Harlen has been fighting a migrane and fever since sunday, but thankfully she's doing better now. because of that we havent been doing alot of work. Sister Smedley told us to go home and rest, so we did. Man it was so boring! *headdesk*
Man i wish we could use skype. but alas that might create some problems..
So with the chinese new year, alot of vietnamese go home to vietnam for a while, or they are too busy and they dont want to study, so i'm guessing we will be doing alot of finding these next few days until everyone returns.
Sorry that i dont have anything really exciting to write this week...agh..oh! i did find out that you can email me pics and i can print them out :3 also i will try and email pictures..if not then i will print them and send them to you.
ACH! i keep forgetting to ask you to add Liz to the email list! i feel really bad that i havent been writting her, please please please add her!
WAH! I've been here for exactly 1 month now!! Ack! only 14 months left for my mission! oh my gosh! it's going by so fast! I dont even remember what happened in January...except that i cried alot and gave a talk in sacrament meeting...AH! did i ever tell you that?! my 2nd week here Sister Harlen volunteered me to give a talk in sacrament! in vietnamese! orz! it was so nerve wracking...but i did it! :3 i'm so grateful to have an awesome companion like her!
So i just wanted to thank you and dad for always putting money in my account, and for all those people who are contributing to my mission fund. i was thinking about it last night and i dont think i've said thank you enough. and i'm sure the Lord is blessing you and all those people who are helping every day. :) so Thank you mom and dad and everyone else, plus i love hearing from everyone in emails even though i cant write back all the time.
So I love you all! and I pray for you all every day!! *bigbigbighugs and kisses*
Sister Holloway

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