Friday, February 4, 2011

This is the Week...

This is the week of finishes!
I was so happy to finally finish the cross stitch that I've been trying to finish for a couple of years.
Never mind the fact that we've moved a few times during that time.
My crocheting is so much easier to carry along with me where ever I go, so that's what gets taken with me.
So Thursday I was determined to work on it and finish it, so an hour at a time I alternated between projects.
I spent the day doing laundry, up and down those stupid stairs every hour to change loads.
Between changing loads I worked for 10 hours on finishing up those projects.
Here are the results of my efforts!
Here is the finished "Hanging the Quilts" on Thursday.
It took me FOREVER!
Two panels down, one more to go.

Since I finally finished the "Hanging the Quilts" panel, I decided I better do the final panel.
This one is called "Tending the Garden."
I'll start on it on Friday or Saturday.
I can't wait to get the whole set done!
I've only been trying to get the set done since 1990 something!

Wendy asked me if I would send a baby blanket and burp cloths for one of the ladies she visit teachers.
So I looked in my stash and found a cute dinosaur patterned set that I haven't crocheted on.
Isn't it cute?
I'm having a hard time decideing which color to do the edges.

I finished the crocheting on this dress for some lucky baby girl on Thursday.
It is little green, varigated green, and shades of green.
The pattern is one that I've been using for a long time, but I altered a little by adding layers so that it looks like it has ruffles.
I can't wait to get some ribbon, buttons, and ribbon roses on it!
I am working on the booties that go with it, I can't decide if I want to do the bonnet as well.
The lighting isn't very good in this picture, so when I get it COMPLETELY done I'll take a better picture.
(Kaitlyn, Elder Jackson, and Elder Watson)
We have the missionaries over for dinner about twice a month.
These young men, Elder Jackson and Elder Watson, have been in our area since about October and they are being transfered to new areas this week.
Elder Jackson has been so much fun for Kaitlyn since he plays "Guess that Movie" with Kaitlyn.
Elder Watson is very quiet and doesn't say much, but he's been fun too.
We still have two more missionaries in our area so we will be seeing them for a bit longer.
Good luck Elders in your new areas!!


glor said...

Your hanging quilts is incredible. What beauty. Can't wait to see the set. You make me want to go dig out my embroidery bin ... one of these days. The little dress is darling, your work is beautiful.

Holloway Family said...

Thanks Gloria!