Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear Mommy, Daddy, Kaity, and everyone else ^-^ Sounds like you all are having so much fun! thats a good sign! Man i miss BBQs so much! when i get back i want to have a HUGE BBQ! hmmm with Potato Salad! ^-^ I cant wait to see the pics of Kaity's play! that sounds so much fun! Wow yeah general confrence. we see it a week late actually..but its going to be good cuz we watch it in english together with the elders. So some crazy things have happened this week. first off we got an AWESOME referral! her name is Co Le and her 16 year old daughter Em Kieu. They are sooo cute! Co Le was saying how since she's been here in Cambodia she hasn't been able to find a church or anything to go to. and shes been praying (she was christian before) praying for someone to help her find the truth the very next day she met Co Thuy who lives right near her. Co Thuy is such a good member and Co Thuy referred her to us. Co Le was crying in the first lesson out of joy...i think...i hope... ^-^' anyway she is so good! Bac Ut is getting baptised on sunday! her interview is on friday and she is so nervous! its kinda funny...she wrote all the 10 commandments down in Khamae so she could memorize them. we tried to explain to her that she doesnt need to memorize them, just follow them. Training has been good i guess. sister harlen is still here until friday so shes been helping alot. i dunno if its a good or bad thing. i dunno these past few days i've felt really ....bac boi...orz sorry i mean kinda like i dunno uneasy and sad alot. Sister vo has come back into the viet program and so shes training sister bales while i'm training sister sparks. they both are so good and so cute and sweet. dang they know more viet than i did when i came here...oh well. :) i dunno why but i always feel irritated and annoyed when sister vo is around, probably because her personality is so aggressive it rubs me the wrong way you know? but its only for 6 weeks. sometimes i feel like we are all competing for each other's attention now, but i dont like to do that. i still feel like if they wanted to talk to me they would...i dunno..sorry i'm just rambling i guess about things that dont really matter. the other day i had a dream that i came home from my mission and everyone was so shocked to see me...i didnt know why. i think since then is when i started feeling sad alot. ugh i hate having dreams about coming home, now this year is going to seem so long. oh well. whatever. um lets see on the plus side i've noticed i'm understand ALOT more than i did a week ago! Hurray for the Gift of Tongues! some of the members were saying about how when sister harlen leaves we will be in trouble because i dont speak clearly yet or understand alot yet...i was i understand you now..XD they dont mean anything by it, its just funny when suddenly i can understand when they say that i dont understand or speak well yet :P AAAHH! the other day we had an awesome service opportunity! Chi Hue was moving her house when we randomly stopped by, so we decided to help her. and in her little tiny tiny house she had an entertainment center, just a medium sized simple one, and we moved it out of the corner and all these mice came running out! every single one of us screamed and we were like standing in the middle of the room while these mice where running beside the wall trying to find a place to hide! it was so funny! oh crap! Thank you so much for the package! man i loved it so much! ^-^ the scarff is really good too for when i'm studying and the temp gets down to 75F and i'm freezing! XD ahahaha yeah isnt that crazy! im so use to hot weather i freeze at night! i had to buy a blanket to keep me warm at night! :3 Well i guess now there isnt much to say. except thank you and i love you all and i miss you all so much!!! *big hugs and kisses* Sister Holloway

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