Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow! I can't believe it, Aimee has been gone for five months now! She is AMAZING!! We love her so much and are so very happy that she is finding joy and happiness in serving the Lord on this amazing mission! We are so grateful to the Lord for all the blessings that he has poured out upon us as family and friends have given support in helping her serve Him! Thank you so much to everyone!! We love you all very much!!

Hello mommy and daddy and kaity! Happy Birthday Mommy and Grandma and Grandma C! And Grandpa and Daddy!

its okay, instead of a letter last week i got pictures so it made me happy! ^-^ Yay! i'm glad Kaity is doing better in school! you know theres a girl here who reminds me so much of Kaitlyn, it makes me sad sometimes.. I missah you Kaity!! *hugs*

yeah last week was kinda weird. but um i think you misunderstood what a mission tour is. we ourselves arent leaving the area, its Elder Watson who is touring the mission not us :P oh well. our musical number rocked though!...spiritually speaking of course, nothing like 9 elders and 2 sisters with no musical talent to brighten everyones day ;) Elder watsons talks were so good, he talked alot about having the Holy Ghost with us all the time especially when teaching. Sister Watson and Sister Smedely came with sister harlen and i to teach an investigator. it was so nerve wracking, but i was able to translate for them! yay!

okay i'm sending some pictures...finally!

pic#1 the elders i was with in the MTC

Pic#2 a random sign here in cambodia (send that one to wendy please, she'll understand why its so awesome XD)
Pic3 Anh Tai, 'he's actually in branch 6 but he comes to branch 3 sometimes, he's always saying he will stowaway on a boat to get to a country with a temple. hes deaf and mute and very awesome ^-^
Pic4 Sister Harlen and I this morning before we left the house. ^-^
Pic #5 Chi Nhanh 10~branch 10!
pic#6 Monkies eating the food from an alter across the street.

okay i hope youre able to view those, i'll try to send more next time!

So For grandma's birthday last week, sister harlen and i met a guy from new zealand named charlie. (maybe i told you about him before i dunno) but hes ex girlfriend is vietnamese and we were teaching her the first lesson when he wandered in and sat down. we finished the lesson in vietnamese then we figured since we were there we would ask him if he read the pamphet we gave him ect. and well the conversation turned into him telling us that we did not know these things, we only believed them. sister harlen did an awesome job of testifying, but every time she said "i know..." he would interupt and say 'you dont know, you believe, strongly" so then i pulled out (thank heavens for my english scriptures) 3 Nephi 11, and i read the verse where Jesus Christ appears. and I said 'because of these few verses, I KNOW Jesus Christ lives. I KNOW He is our Redeemer."He tried to interupt, like he opened his mouth but then he didnt say anything and i continued. "We KNOW these things are true."
He kept saying he had an open mind about religion, but i'm pretty sure he was one of the most close-minded people i have ever met. Anyway he ended up just saying that he doesnt believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah and he doesnt care about what happens after he dies. What a sad sad man. well at anyrate that experience alone has strengthened my testimony so much. (at the end of the day i wrote in my journal 'ha ha satan you didnt bring me down that time!')
Ah! Chi Hu'o'ng we commited to baptism! she is so good! she understands and she keeps her commitments! I'll get a picture with her next time we meet her and send it to you!
okay well i think thats about it for this week. we have been really busy with our investigators. its amazing though, we stopped meeting ones who werént ready, then all of a sudden we got more good people! Heavenly Father truely knows which ones of His children are ready. and I know, even though my language isnt fluent yet, even if i mess up, the people who are ready for the gospel wont be detiered by my mistakes. even if thats true i'm still doing my best every day. I decided i wanted to be like Ammon at the end of his mission, where he rejoices in all that the Lord blessed him with. He realized the Lord gave him and his companions success, even through the hard times, but at the end he was so happy. I want to be like that. ^_^ so i just try my best every day that way 1 year from now i can look back with a rejoicing heart and a greatful soul for all that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ helped me with!

okay well i'm going to read other emails now!
I love you all!
Sister Holloway

Second Email for March 16, 2011

man sorry i should have read this email first before the other one! *epic fail*
okay well i had no idea about the earthquakes or anything...maybe thats why i havent slept well this week? i dunno...but of course i will pray for them too!
Jeeze! an apperantly for yours and kaitys safty as well! well i'm glad that you all are okay though, take it easy though.

tell daddy good luck!..or i'll just tell him when i read his email after this...
and i'm sure you'll be a fine RS teacher, man speaking of service, sister harlen and i got a load of service opportunities this week. helping Em Lu'o'ng wash her clothes, then another member Em Danh came and saw us and she started helping too! I really want the members to learn to serve each other!!
but anyway i know you'll do fine! remember that if you search and study the scriptures then the Spirit will put into your mind the things you need to say. Just use the scriptures! thats what they always tell us, always use the Book of Mormon! :)
I'll start training the new sisters the 24th i think is when they get here. i'm so nervous but so excited. Sister Harlen was telling me what a great experince it will be and how much i will change and become a leader from it. :) man i hope so.

okay well i'm going to read the other emails now!
Love you all! be careful!!
Sister Holloway
Sometimes she just blows me away with her testimony! I'm so thankful for her and the example she is to me and to our family!

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