Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missionary Update

At the end of her letter she wrote something in Vietnamese, but I have no idea what it says.

Hello mommy!

so we get to email today because tomorrow (on our pday) we are having a mission tour.
elder watson from the 70 is coming to speak to us. and all of us vietnamese missionaries have to give the musical number! @_@ yikes!

so this week sister harlen and i were able to make our goal of 20 lessons with a member present and 15 lessons to recent converts and less actives! yay! ^^ and remember the crazy lady i told you about? co Va? the one that tried to kill her husband? well she gave us a really awesome referral! like her of all people..who would have thought! XD the referral her name is chi hu'o'ng. her and her husband ahn chung just moved here from vietnam. shes pregnant and just moved into the building next to co va. shes so nice and so pretty! ^-^ and she understands alot! she even has that light about her you know?

sister harlen had to spend some time in the mission home for training meeting, so sister vo came back from the cambodian program to serve with me. we have made some changes in the vietnamese program so i decided to take charge. and you know i was really comfortable making the plans and setting the goals and things that i will have to be doing when i train at the end of the month. im sure sister vo was all upset though that i took charge, but whatever. :)

thank you so much for sending me pictures! i know i was going to print some of mine to send to you this week, but we didnt know our pday was going to be today and we've already made appointments and time is really short today! orz the life of a missionary....

so i hope you all are doing well! you all looked so good in the pictures! (sister harlen is like 'woah your mom is sooo pretty!' i was like yeah i know :) ) and kaitlyn's hair is so long! daaang! dad's homemade shovel is so awesome!

so the other day we went to lucky burger....and the people there are so friendly and so overly ..over the top. XD people in fast food places in america should take happy lessons from the lucky burger people! but hey i got a free cup! ^-^

so now i would just like to add some vietnamese randomly in this email
Co Hu'o'ng, Anh Tuan, Anh Kiet oi! (toi hy vong co va hai anh co thay hieu viet thu' nay ^-^)
Khoe khong? toi moun noi ma toi rat biet o'n ve tat ca su giup cua co va hai anh khi toi o' MTC. Co va hai Anh la thay giao rat tot! va toi nha co va hai anh, nhu'ng toi luon luon co giang nha ma neu co va hai anh co thay phuc vu vo'i nhu'ng ngu'o'i viet nam, thi toi co thay phu vu cung! bay gio tieng viet rat la kho hieu, nhu'ng toi biet rang Cha Thien Thu'o'ng se luon luon giup do toi. ^-^ Toi hy vong Co va hai anh co hanh phuc! toi se co gaing het su'c hu'o'ng dan hai chi ca moi! :) ~chi ca Tam

okay well i'd better go, we still have shopping to do today.

I love you all very very much!! and i miss you all!
Sister Holloway

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The Christensen Family said...

What a special letter. I love letter like that from Elder Christensne. We're so lucky!