Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Day at the Gym

TreadmillYesterday the girls and I went to the gym for the first time to actually 'work out'. My personal trainer, Jennifer, actually was great and worked with Aimee and Wendy too. The goal for me was 10 minutes on the treadmill, I was able to go 18!!! Then we worked on abs Sit Up , arms Push Up , core, and lower back. It was great!! NO PAIN!! I just have to go two days a week for the first month to work with Jennifer and then we will gradually work up to more. It's great, I love it. After our first work out I rewarded the girls and myself with I with a fresh fruit smoothie, it was so good. Then we were craving salads Salad and fresh fruit, so we went over to the commissary and got a fresh salad and fresh fruit for lunch. YUMMY!! Any way, I really think I can work with this type of goal to get healthier.

I am so thankful for my friend Cindy who lives about 20 minutes away from me and she comes each morning to pick me and the girls up and then we have to backtrack 5 minutes to the gym. I just love her!! She has become a great friend, we have so much in common and think so much alike it's scarey sometimes.
Here is a pre-gym picture of me. I plan to post a picture at the beginning of each month of me and my progress at the gym and how it is helping me and making me feel. I wasn't too thrilled that Dave was taking my picture at the time, but it's probably the only one that exists. ;0)
I don't know what has changed? I have gone four days now without having to use my cane at all. Either the Mobic arthritis medicine is working, my additute has changed and my body is telling me that I have to do something to help myself. Medication isn't going to cure me or make the symptoms go away magically. I am going to have to be proactive in my coping with the disease. So I am doing what I can and will improve each day and each month for the better.


Sandra said...

Yey! Keep up the good work. Glad your feeling better too. :)

HDJ said...

You go girl!! Awesome!!

Holloway Family said...

Thank you ladies. ;0)

The Christensen Family said...

Other people might not notice a big difference at first, but you will in how you feel inside and out. Keep it up.