Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lazy Week

Geez, I am so bad...I made it to the gym on Monday, and so far that's it. Tuesday I was gonna go, but after Monday I was sore and wonderful husband said, "you should take one day off so your muscles can repair themselves, go on Wednesday." Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. Did I make it to the gym? No....I had every intention of going, but I was lazy once again. Wednesday night we were in bed and asleep Counting Sheep before 8:30. Needless to say, we were awake at 4:00 this morning. I could hardly keep my eyes Tired open. When it was time to take Kaitlyn to school and Dave was going to work and was going to drop us off at the gym, I was afraid I'd get on the treadmill and fall asleep and get stuck in the belt. So I climbed back into bed and fell asleep. I only slept for two hours. UGH!!! Tomorrow Kaitlyn gets out of school at 11:30 for Christmas break, I sure hope we can make it home to get her off the bus. I have got to go to the gym tomorrow.


Italy Italyis so wonderful. We are only authorized 800 liters of fuel for our house a month in the winter. They only deliver on Tuesdays, we got 400 liters at the beginning of the month and we are out already. Thank goodness for a fireplace. We are so cold we are all snuggled up in sleeping bags and blankets just to sit in the living room and watch a movie. We do have an electric heater/air conditioning unit upstairs that we can use at night to take the chill off the bedrooms so we can get to sleep. I can't wait til we are back in the states where we don't have to ration our fuel. Hope whatever fuel is left in the tank lasts until Tuesday so we don't have to take cold showers. Cold Water


The weather here has been yucky for about 10 days now. It has rained RainyEVERY day. The temperatures haven't been too bad, but when your house is made of concrete it gets REALLY cold inside. The mountains have gotten a ton of snow, it looks so cool. Up one canyon we can see from our house we can see a waterfall that isn't usually there. I wish there was a way we could get up there to get pictures without fear of slidding off the roads.


We wish all of our family and friends a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Three Kings 2 Manger

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The Christensen Family said...

That would be hard to only get so much fuel for the winter. I guess we are really blessed living in the states. Sometimes we take things for grated until we live somewhere else. Hang in there and don't turn into an ice cube. lol