Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catchin' Up with Old Friends and Wishing for New Ones

This past month or so I have thought a lot about the friends I have or have had and wonder where everyone is, what they are doing, what their lives are like, how many children they have. You know that sort of thing.

I've reconnected with quite a few. Dennis and Sandra Christensen, Sandra and I chat more times during the week than I chat or talk with my Mom. She is a good friend and I love her. Cathy Charlesworth, I think her last name is Mansell now-she got married recently, has been like a sister to me for a long time, 18 years now. Chari Clayborn, we were good friends in high school.

Some of the family I have reconnected with and have kept in contact with recently, much better now than when we all saw each other once or twice a year. Keeping up on their blogs will hopefully help in that area when we all get together again. I really do hope so. I have discovered that I miss my extended family get togethers in the summer time. Ward and Heather, cousins of mine, I discovered Heather likes to hunt, camp, fish...Wow! Who would have guessed that one? ;) Rick and Carey, what an active family of boys. Tyler and Lindsey, they have such a cute family. Josh and Kim are private but I'm priveleged and they have such cute babies. Thank you all for sharing with me!!!!

Some of the family I wish would blog so we could reconnect. Brian and Angela, my youngest brother and his family are in the military and their children are growing so fast. Steve and his kids, my middle brother. Scott and Laura, he's my brother just younger than me, I would love to hear what they are all up to these days. All of Dave's siblings and their families would be easier to keep up to date on because we are spread all over the world, Japan, Italy, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona and Utah. And there are seven of them. Plus some of their children have started families of their own.

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Josh, Kim & Kids said...

Don't you love blogging. I wish your immediate family did it too. Then we could get caught up on their lives as well.