Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Camera

When we were getting ready to move over here to Italy I bought a nice 35 mm camera so that I would have nice quality pictures to scrapbook and to send home to my family. Scrapbooking Well, I've done really good about taking pictures but it is so expensive to develop a roll of film it's rediculous, $15 for ONE roll. Any way, since I started blogging and have figured out how to do this awesome blogging I bought a nice digital camera. I haven't used it yet, but I promise there will be plenty of pictures on my blog soon. I have had a couple of requests for more pictures of the sites in Italy and of my family so I will try to do that. I'm also very glad to see from the comments section that my extended family reads my blog...shout out to Carey, , Diana, and !!!!!


MaKayla is doing great. I received an email from this morning and she said she is doing good. I'm so glad. Shout out to MaKayla!!!


Well, our first Family History Date Night didn't go very well. No one showed up, but I was able to do some research. Computer I did have a couple of people that told me they would be here, but life happens and they didn't make it. Oh well, it's a weekly thing so anytime really is okay.

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