Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, so we just got back from having lunch with Kaitlyn at school. We surprised her by arriving late (Pam really had NO desire to eat school lunch, YUCK!!), so she had already finished her lunch. Some of her friends where showing off for us at the lunch table and just being regular third graders. One of the girls in her class, Autumn said, "Are these your grandparents?" Kaitlyn said, "NO, this is my Mom and Dad." A few minutes later one of the boys came up to her and asked her what she was doing. Kaitlyn said, "Sitting here with my Grandparents." She blushed so red because she called us her grandparents and then of course she corrected herself and said we were her parents. She then asked us if we were mad because she called us her grandparents. How could we be mad? We know we are old enough to be grandparents and most of the parents of her classmates are in their earlier thirties. Oh so much fun. ;)


Page Family said...

Welcome to the blog world!! It will be so fun keeping in touch this way!! I can't wait to see your pictures when you get them up!! :)

The Christensen Family said...

Welcome. You know I am always here to support you and follow wherever you take your blog. lol

Kari said...

Hey! From one "Grandparent" to another, congrats! I was your age when Tifani was in 3rd grade. I would go to school lunch (YUCK) sometimes and look around at all the young parents and think, WOW! I look as good as they do and I'm ten years older! It worked to lift my spirits anyways. So from one old fart to another, way to go! Also, we traveled like crazy when we lived in Germany! It's fun! Take advantage of it, and I'M JEALOUS! ;)