Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wish List

Okay, so I have been loving this blogging and I want my family to have the same kind of fun. We are in such a rush to go here and there, and too busy to visit. Blogging is perfect to solve that problem, you can write about your family's adventures, misadventures, milestones, fun and growth with everyone at once.

So here is my WISH LIST of those who I want to start blogging--it is as easy as writing a letter. And it's not hard for children as young as 8 or 9 blogging as well--with an adult or older sibling helping.
Mom and Daddy
Scott and Laura Crook
Steven Crook
Brian and Angela
Kylee Crook
Jana Kennedy
Amber McClure
Mike and Tracie Crook
Brandon and Katie Crook
Brian and Melinda Stecklein
Chris and Jessica Olsen
Larry and Judy Holloway
Mark and Brandy Hansen
Mark and Sheri Kunzelmann
Tony Holloway
Mike and Jeanne Holloway
Michelle Holloway
Gene and Nan Warr
Brent Holloway
Christina Holloway
Elizabeth Holloway
Jason and Kacey Holloway
Virginia Holloway
Bert and Tifani Holloway
Ellie Holloway (Kaitlyn would love that)
Rodney Holloway
Wendell and Yvonne Carter
Amanda Carter
Jessica Carter

Friends that I'd like to see blogging would be;

Randy and Kari Boothe
Sam Boothe
Michelle Shumate
Kari Stumpf
Cathy Charlesworth

Blogging is so fun and the more I do it the more I am finding that I see my world in a different way completely. I want to carry my camera every where with me.


Sandra said...

LOL Guess you got bit by the Blogging Bug. :) To much fun! Blogging is much like writing a letter and better when they leave a comment. Even if they leave a :) it's all good.

Page Family said...

you're right, blogging is fun. I am so glad I was able to get my sisters on board, now to get my brothers!!

The Christensen Family said...

Do you think your wish list is long enough? I love blogging and adding pictures to it also.

Josh, Kim & Kids said...

I remember that same feeling when I started blogging. I think I have just gotten used to it but I swear I'd be thinking all day about what I could write about. Your Halloween looked like fun. I bet your family is growing close together through this experience.