Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Think It's 'Cause We're Awesome

Well, it seems that family and friends are all blogging, so I guess we will give it a try. You'll have to excuse the mess, we are still trying to figure it all out. Most of our friends and family were unable to access our blog on MSN so we have changed to what everyone else is using. So much for being original. ;) It seems that this is the only picture I can figure out how to add to this blog for right now. Again please bare with us as we try to figure out this whole blogging thing.
This is just to test it out, and introduce our family (as if you didn't already know us). lol ;)

Dave is from Alamosa, Colorado where he grew up with five older brothers and one younger sister. Unfortunately they lost their parents in January and April of 1996. We all miss them very much. He loves to camp, hike, ride his bike, fish, and spend time siteseeing. He is a graduate of Weber State University, class of 1997. He currently works for the US government in Aviano, Italy. Dave serves as Ward Mission Leader for our small ward. He likes to watch football, especially the Denver Broncos, Utah Utes, Colorado Buffalos, and other college teams that aren't playing against those two teams. He always roots for the opposite team from BYU. ;) He loves to watch movies and tv series. You'll never see him read anything but his Scriptures. Well, maybe he'll read the book for whatever online class he is taking, but he usually LISTENS to it. He served his mission in the Dallas Texas Mission in 1983 to 1984 (only 18 months). He served his country in the Army and Air Force. He was in Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War guarding EPOWs with the Army National Guard.

Pam is a military brat, but calls Alamogordo, New Mexico her hometown, and Clinton, Utah her family home. She was the oldest of four, with the youngest three are brothers. Pam just celebrated her 40th birthday this year. They also celebrated their 20th anniversary last year in Italy!!! Pam loves to spend her spare time working on family history, crocheting, cross stitch, reading, and going along for the ride with Dave and the girls. She serves as the Ward Family History consultant, which she LOVES!!! She has crocheted several baby dresses for people and even sold a few. She also does baby blankets, burp clothes and bibs. She reads just about anything she can get her hands on. She loves to go sightseeing with her family but has had a hard time lately walking. Yes, she gave up and went to see the doctor about it. It seems that at 40 she has oestioarthritis in her spine, hips, and knees. Oh what joys!!! She's too YOUNG for that stuff, but oh well. She uses a cane whenever the family goes out to see those wonderful sights of Italy.

Aimee is 19 years old and graduated from Aviano High School in June of 2007. It was a big change from a class of 450 students to 60. She has murals and paintings permenant in the high school, an opportunity she would never have had at Northridge High School. She is working at the BX in giftware and jewelry. She just certified to sale diamonds. She spends her spare time reading, drawing, painting, writing, and spending time on the computer. She currently serves as the Single Adult Rep in our ward. She is attending institute. No man yet. Which is okay with Mom and Dad. She has dated a few men, but no one is good enough for our little girl. ;) She is very homesick for her family and friends back in Utah and stays in touch with them via Facebook, Myspace, emails, and Instant Message.

Wendy is 18 years old and graduated from Aviano High School in June of 2008. She was the editor of the school newspaper, and did a lot of tutoring. She discovered her talent for drawing and writes wonderful poetry. She is working at the Shoppette on base. She loves it. She is attending college on base working on getting her generals out of the way. She received 4 of 6 scholarships that she applied for. She serves as a primary teacher in our ward and loves those little kids. She attends institute with Aimee. Wendy can't wait to get back to Utah where she will be able to attend Weber State and really get down to business on her degree, journalism. Wendy joined Girl Scouts two years ago and now has a lifetime membership. She was able to travel to several places in those two years with her small troop. She has been to Croatia, Slovania, Germany, and Austria.

Kaitlyn is 9 years old and attends Aviano Elementary School where she is in the third grade. She complains about having too much homework, but it is only a page or two and she's done in a half hour. She loves to go to Faith in God on Tuesday nights. She has made a lot of friends at school and church, but she still won't go to anyone's house. She misses her Grandpa and Grandma so much, she can't wait to get back to see them. She is always talking about visiting them and wants to go RIGHT NOW. She will have to wait just like the rest of us for about fourteen more months. Kaitlyn enjoyed Brownies for two years, but decided this year that since her friend moved she won't go now. Maybe will try once we get back to the states.
We have done a bit of sightseeing since we arrived in December of 2006. We have been to Venice, Verona, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terra, Italy; Villach, Austria and Bern, Switzerland. We love to go to the small towns around us and see the old churches and cemetaries. We have found some churches right here close that were built in the 14 and 13 hundreds. They are older than our country!!! The buildings are amazing. There will be an old run down building and right next to it will be a brand new one. The public toilets are sqatters!!!!! YUCK!! Unfortunately, we have all had to use them. We have learned to carry our own toilet paper and pray really hard for a real bagno (that's Italian for bathroom).

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I was trying to be your first comment but in lue of you making changes and then me finally going to bed at 6:30am I missed my change darn it. Any way just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad you've joined us in the Blogging World. Love Ya :)