Thursday, October 16, 2008

Needing Prayers and Good Thoughts

This is Pam's brother, Steve. He is one awesome guy.
To the right are his children, MaKayla and Koby. MaKayla is 13 month older than Koby, yet several inches shorter than him. She has been having some health issues the past couple of months. She caught the flu and was unable to get rid of it for quite some time. Makayla has a protruding abdomen and it is as hard as a rock. Her mother, Jamie (Steve and her are divorced) took her to the doctor and the discovered that the protruding tummy is not fat but very hard. Steve has been very concerned for his little girl. He just sent an update via email:
"Hello family and friends,

I just thought I would write you an email and let you know what is going on with MaKayla. She went down to Primary Childrens Medical Center to have an X-ray done. They had the X-ray done and it showed a large mass in her abdomen. They dont know what it is yet, they are doing an MRI tomorrow at 8 AM. They can only find one ovary. It looks like her organs are being pushed to the side by the mass, which is actually a good thing. If it is around her organs it could be alot worse then it looks. After they do the MRI they will know more information about what it is and what they need to do to get rid of it. Please remember her in your prayers. It seemed like things were going well and Im not letting go of that faith but she needs our prayers. I will keep you all up to date. Thanks and I love you all."
Being so far away from home and family makes it very difficult to deal with issues such as these. We wish we could be there for Steve and his family to pray, worry, cheer, cry, and love with him and the rest of the family.
We were wondering if all of our family and friends would be so kind as to remember them in their prayers and good thoughts that the doctors will be able to find a reason, cure, or whatever is neccessary to help MaKayla. We hope and pray that MaKayla will be strong and courageous throughout this ordeal. We love you MaKayla, Steve, Jamie, and Koby. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

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Sandra said...

Where praying for her and the family and doctors.

Love your new title! :)